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  • Over £2.9m paid to date
  • Join over 8,000 affiliates
  • Earn 50% share of net revenue (after tax)
  • Dashboard with traffic and commissions in real-time
  • Minimum payout only £50 from 3 customers
  • Marketing assets provided

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Join the Profit Accumulator affiliate marketing program today and earn every time you send a new monthly or annual Platinum or Diamond subscription our way. We've already paid out over £2.9m – more than any other known matched betting company!

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How does the affiliate program work?

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How our affiliate program works:

  • Sign up to be a Profit Accumulator affiliate
  • Once signed up, you’ll be provided with dashboard access and a unique link
  • If people become a Profit Accumulator member using your link, you’ll earn 50% of any revenue (after tax) from their Platinum or Diamond subscriptions.

How much can I earn?

The big question we all look for! Our top affiliates earn over £40,000 a year.

Profit Accumulator affiliate earnings are roughly 50% of the net revenue from the cost of any subscription purchased by your referees. So what does this mean?

You send your affiliate link, and that person goes on to click it and sign up for our £24.99 monthly plan. Score! First, we get rid of the VAT from that £24.99. We then split the remainder of that fee with you, which ends up at 50% of the new figure, leaving you a lovely bit of spending money.

Sounds good right? What next...

Commissions you earn sit in our system for 30 days. This is to make sure there are no issues with the payment itself. When those earnings match or exceed £50, generated commissions from at least 3 different customers, you'll have hit our minimum payout rate. We pay our affiliates at the start of the month.

Monthly payment £24.99
Taxes £3.99
Profit Accumulator Share (50%) £10.50
Your commission (50%) £10.50
Annual payment £180.00
Taxes £27.00
Profit Accumulator Share (50%) £75.60
Your commission (50%) £75.60

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is based on revenue sharing by promoting a product or service and earning a commission for each sale. For matched betting affiliate marketing, you would earn money online by referring new members to Profit Accumulator and earning a commission when they subscribe to a monthly or annual Platinum or Diamond subscription.

The more members you refer to Profit Accumulator through your affiliate marketing, and the longer they stay a Platinum or Diamond member, the more commission you can earn. This commission is uncapped, so there is no limit on what you can be earning.

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