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How Matched Betting Works

Bookmakers give away huge cash sums as a way to attract new customers and to keep them betting. We capitalize on these offers by placing the required bets and cashing out the bonuses.


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Sign up to the bookmaker to earn your free bet.


Place Your Bets

Place the right bets to cover all possible outcomes.



Withdraw your profit and move on to the next offer.

How does Profit Accumulator help?

Searching for all the bonuses is very time consuming and if you did it yourself it probably wouldn't be worthwile. Profit Accumulator does all the work for you by listing all the best bonuses and helping you every step of the way.

Join the UK's largest matched betting community today. Sign up for our free trial and we'll help you make over £45.

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Since we started in 2014, we have had over 100,000 paying customers. Meaning we're the biggest and most trusted matched betting site in the UK.


We've developed an innovative oddsmatching tool as well as many other pieces of software, to make matched betting easier.

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There are hundreds of offers to work through, with simple step-by-step tutorial videos. We list more offers than any of our competitors.


We have the biggest and most active matched betting community forum in the world, filled with experts to help you on your journey.

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Support via freephone, email, help centre and our forum. We're always on hand to answer your questions.

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Keep track of all your matched betting earnings with our unique Profit Tracker. No more spreadsheets.

Member Testimonials

My advice to those on the fence for match betting is "get off the fence and try it!”. There has been so much help and advice on the forum, it has been really easy.


I knew nothing about sports betting and casino gambling - I still don't! The instructional videos are really easy to follow and the PA website is simple to navigate.


I'd recommend everyone at least gives it a try. Although it may be daunting in the beginning, it's actually really simple, especially when you see it actually works!


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What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting (also known as back or lay bet matching, arb betting, or double betting) is a betting technique used by individuals to profit from the free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered a risk-free bet as it is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance. A typical return for a matched bet where the stake is returned is 85%+ of the free bet offer amount, and 70%+ where the stake is not returned. Most free bets are stake not returned.

Matched betting, or double betting, is a method of profiting by pitting two different bookmakers with varying odds against each other while betting on both teams. By using this system you can wager on an event with no risk of losing. The act of match betting is considered by experts to be a risk free form of gambling if done properly.

Matched betting is a system using bookmaker incentives to bet on both outcomes of a wager. Because the bookie gives money to "bet match" as a sign-up bonus, you cannot lose and are guaranteed to win. Matched betting is generally considered safe and not a risk if done properly. It is also called lay bet matching or double betting technique.

Matched Betting

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