Frequently Asked Questions

An arb, or arbitrage bet, is a bet that makes a profit even with no bonus involved. This occurs when the exchange lay odds are lower than the bookmaker back odds. On the oddsmatching software, this is a bet with a rating of 100 or higher.

Each exchange charges a different commission rate. Betfair charges 5%, Betdaq charges 5%, Smarkets charges 2%. Matchbook only charges 1%, but they do so on losing bets too.

This is where you bet when no bonus is involved. This can be a very good method for keeping your accounts open. You simply back and lay a popular team to make yourself look like a regular punter. By doing this, the bookmakers will often flag your account for more bonus offers, which you can use to make more profits. It also makes it much less likely that your accounts will get banned. You shouldn't bother with this until you've completed most of the signup offers.

Make sure you have watched the video above titled "Understanding Betting Exchanges". This goes into some detail on this. Generally this can be avoided by betting on things with enough money available. If your bet is completely unmatched, you can simply cancel the bet and recalculate at the new lay odds. If it's partially matched, use the trickybet calculator to work out your bet. Again, refer to the "Understanding Betting Exchanges" video for more help.

Skrill is a payment processor similar to PayPal, but specialises in providing for Betting/Gambling websites. Using a Skrill account can make your withdrawals MUCH faster (usually the same day as request), which will allow you to move the money between bookmakers much more easily. However, they have some drawbacks. When you withdraw from your Skrill account to your bank account, they charge a fee of around £1.75. (There are ways to avoid this). You also must not use Skrill for your first deposit into a bookie. Many bookies will not allow you to obtain free bets if your first deposit is via Skrill. Use a debit card for your first deposit. Always read the T&Cs.

Yes, although we have over 100 signup offers to complete, you will eventually finish them all. I finished them a long time ago and I have no issues making £2000 a month. There are tonnes of offers for existing customers that we utilise to make our long term profits.

If you get a £10 bonus and the terms state you have to "wager" it once on slots, that means you have to play it through once. So if you were doing 50p spins, you would need to do 20 spins in total to "wager" it once - any winnings you have left at the end is profit.

Most bookmaker accounts will have an option somewhere to display Decimal odds. This is usually either in your account options, or just in a dropdown box at the top or side of the page. If you can't find it, you can use the trickybet Odds Converter. You can also do it manually if you prefer: Divide the first number by the second number, and then add 1. So if the fractional odds are 3/2, you do 3 divided by 2 (= 1.5), plus 1, which is 2.5.


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