Profit Accumulator Affiliates – How To Find & Create Affiliate Tracking Links

Here’s a quick how-to on finding and making affiliate links in iDev to share with your new Profit Accumulator sign-ups.

What is an affiliate link?

When you join Profit Accumulator’s affiliate programme you’ll get a unique URL which contains your affiliate ID number. This is how we track the traffic and commissions you generate.

How to find your affiliate URL

When you log in to your iDevAffiliate account you will see this page which has your unique URL under Standard Linking Code - Great For Use In Emails:

Creating custom tracking links

If you want to create a URL for an offer or to a specific page, you can do this and add your affiliate tracking by:

  • Login to iDevAffiliate here
  • Click on ‘Custom Tracking Links’ > ‘Alternate Incoming Page Links’


  • Enter the URL you want to use and click on ‘Create My Link’



  • Copy your new direct affiliate link and use within your marketing


Any problems or questions email [email protected].