Becky | Customer Services

Profit Accumulator brings a lot of people together, all with a joint goal in mind. We've had the opportunity to get to know you a little and help you along your road to success, but who are you actually speaking to? Introducing the first part of our 'get to know you' with the team, here's a little about your Customer Services manager, Becky!

Most of the members who have ever called our Support line will have spoken to Becky.

She's been a loyal friend to the company even before she was offered the first Customer Service position back in January of this year when Sam decided that with the growing popularity of the system, that he needed more hands on deck! Since then has played a huge role in the customer facing part of our team.

Her knowledge of Matched Betting and Sam's system in particular has made her a huge asset and she was recently made Customer Service manager; taking care of your email and phone queries five days a week and training our new staff.

Becky is not only knowledgeable, but patient and friendly, so the ideal candidate to deal with your problems. With a background in theatre and a passion for travelling, Becky's Matched Betting income is going towards her next round the world trip planned for 2018.