How to beat Blue Monday

Monday January 16 is 2017's Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year.

But there are ways you can cheer up yourself or a loved one.

A study by Grosvenor Casinos found that most Brits would be in a better mood if they found  some money.

Finding a £5 note in their pocket would be a morale boost for 55% of British people, apparently.

The survey of 2,000 people found the best way of cheering up someone close to you:

  • Surprise them with the gift of money (38% of Brits say the Blue Monday blues would be banished by winning money)
  • Make time for your loved ones (32% of Brits say spending time with family and friends would raise their spirits)
  • Give your staff the day off (17% of Brits say taking the day off work is the best way to avoid Blue Monday)
  • Say something complimentary (5% of Brits say receiving a compliment will make Monday a good day)
  • Chivalry rules (5% of Brits say a door being held for them would make their day)
  • Play a game (3% of Brits say their woes would be eased if they won a game)


Waking up with Tom Hardy

Grosvenor Casinos found that 68% of people would hold a door open for someone who looked blue this Monday morning, and 44% would even buy a stranger a coffee on Blue Monday to cheer them up.

But there is a split among the sexes; where men will pay to bring happiness, women will go out of their way.

Nearly half of UK men would buy a stranger a coffee or pay for their travel to work if they looked down on Blue Monday.

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Women are more likely to show gestures of kindness such as holding open doors and offering strangers an umbrella in the rain (42%).

Blue Monday can be made even worse for Brits, as 39% would be more miserable if they were splashed by a puddle from a passing lorry, if a stranger was rude to them (22%), or if they missed their train by just one minute (18%).

Waking up alone and wish someone was there to make Blue Monday less depressing?

Piers Morgan was voted the least appealing bed-mate, with 98% of Brits opposed to waking up with him, closely followed by Benedict Cumberbatch (91% against).

Conversely though, the majority of Brits would banish the blues by waking up with Tom Hardy or Emma Watson.