Not my forte

So, Profit Accumulator has had immense growth over the past few months .

In fact, we've gone from a fledgling website, to a powerhouse with close to 5000 paying subscribers.

Five THOUSAND people all use this website to make risk-free cash from the bookmakers. Wow.

And in all that hassle, it's become increasingly impossible to update this blog. Honestly, we're inundated with many hundreds of emails and phone calls per day. People LOVE Profit Accumulator (and for good reason...).

To be honest, when I see how happy my members are, it just makes me feel really frickin amazing. I get messages every day telling me about how PA has changed someone's life. It's amazing how an extra £500-2000 each month can really have a profound impact on someone's life. Disposable income is a beautiful thing.

Anyway - I'm creating this blog post just to show any prospective viewers that - yes, we're still going STRONG. I'm not sure how many more members we can support, but I don't want to close the doors until I have to. (Though, at the rate we're growing, I don't know how much longer that will be). Not just sales hype - genuinely not sure what figure we can support. We'll see I guess.

For now, my goal is to keep providing massive value to my members so that they all keep making four figure profits month in, month out.