Matched Betting

We've witnessed a massive boom in the sports betting industry over the last few decades. Predicting the results of different sports events has been one of the favourite pastimes for more and more people in the United Kingdom and worldwide with websites like who have grown in popularity as they provide detailed match previews and sportive analysis and predictions. The rise of the online gambling industry has also affected further sports betting growth.

How to stay profitable?

Alongside entertainment and excitement that comes along with the pastime, the possibility of making a profit is the main driving force for the bettors from across the globe. Nevertheless, it is very hard to stay on the winning track long-term because the bookmakers always have the edge over the punters. The odds always go in the operator's favour which is quite understandable as they need such an edge to stay alive, cover expenses, and fulfil their main purpose. However, this does not mean there are no ways an ordinary punter can’t count on guaranteed winnings while enjoying his favourite pastime. How is this possible?

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is the type of gambling that allows bettors to make guaranteed winnings, regardless of the outcome of the events they've placed their bets on. The risk-free bets are made using different kinds of bonuses and promotions offered by the operators. This is what the Profit Accumulator is all about actually. People behind the site use relatively simple software to calculate the maximum possible winnings a player can get out of a certain promotion without a single percent of risk involved.

Backing and laying bets

To proceed with the explanation, we must cover two significant phrases:

  • Back Bet
  • Lay Bet

A back bet represents the most common way of betting. You believe Liverpool are going to beat Everton in the Merseyside Derby and simply back the home win at certain odds. You can also go with the draw as well as with the away win as opposite options if you think Everton have higher chances to pull off a result at Anfield.

Lay bet is just the opposite of a back bet. Instead of backing someone to win (or draw), here you are rather choosing the other option, claiming you don’t think Liverpool (or Everton) will win.


Now that we know what back and lay bets are, we can move on to the examples. The main principle matched betting is based on is utilizing lay bets as a tool to remove a risk that comes in with a back bet.

For example, a certain bookmaker advertises to give you a €50 free bet if you make a €50 bet of your own. This is a very common promotion among most operators across the world nowadays. So, you sign up and deposit €50. We are now ready to look for a certain game and try and find the most appropriate bet. We have found a certain operator offering evens (1/1 or 2.00) odds on Chelsea to beat Arsenal in the London derby. At the same time, we visit another bookmaker to find the same (2.00 or 1/1) lay odds on Chelsea not to beat Arsenal.

So, we are investing €50 on one bookmaker and another €50 on another (one back and one lay). Let's say Arsenal stunned the Blues at the Stamford Bridge, beating them 0-2 on the occasion. In this case, we have lost €50 on the first operator but won €95 with the second (lay) bookmaker. The total loss is €5 because all exchange operators take a 5% cut.

We then take advantage of the free bet offer on the first bookmaker and back €50 on another match, this time backing Barcelona to beat Real Madrid at the same evens odds (1/1 or 2.00). We repeat the process with the exchange operator and lay Barcelona not to win at the same odds.

Blaugrana clinched a 2-1 victory in El Clasico, meaning we now have €100 with the first operator (a €50 free bet multiplied by 2.00 odds). The lay bet lost this time, but we still have €45 remaining there (deposited €50). The pure profit is €95.

Final words

This was the simplest possible example. The good news is that thanks to this site, you do not have to possess any knowledge of sports or waste time searching for the free bets and other promotions. Experts will do everything for you, find free bets, find matches, and calculate your stake amounts on each bookmaker to ensure you get the maximum possible profit.

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