Study finds the luckiest name for bingo players in the UK

A study carried out by GalaBingo has identified the luckiest and least lucky demographics when it comes to online bingo.

The luckiest man's name is Samuel, while Pauline is the lucky ladies' name.

May, Martyn and Mel are the least likely winners.

The top five luckiest names



#1 Pauline

#1 Samuel

#2 Trudy

#2 Dale

#3 Charmaine

#3 Toby

#4 Lorraine

#4 Laurie

#5 Rose

#5 Graeme

Postcode lottery

Perth in Scotland is the luckiest place to live.

Liverpool, Galashiels, Salisbury and Romford all make up the top five, while those living in Chester, Blackburn or Inverness may want to get up and move, as these are the least lucky cities to live in.

An age-old problem

Those aged 30 t0 40 are more likely than other age bracket to be in with a chance of winning, although you’ve really hit the jackpot when you turn 61 - the luckiest age there is.

People aged 18 to 23 are in the least lucky age group.

Battle of the sexes

Women were also revealed to be the lucky gender; if you know a 61-year-old Pauline living in Perth, you might want to butter her up as she is one lucky lady.

Make a date

If you don’t meet any of the specific criteria which makes a lucky player, then don’t fret as has revealed the luckiest time to bet. Wednesday 30th January is the luckiest, whilst Sunday 17th April is the unluckiest time to bet.

Karina Adrian, PR and brand partnership manager at, said: “A lot of our players have superstitions about luck and how to increase their odds of winning; from black cats to horse shoes, we all harbour in one way or another ideas about what is lucky.

“However, our research proves that luck is all around us, and that you don’t need a rabbit’s foot to stand a chance of winning."

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