Top 10 weird gifts for teachers

At the end of the school year, many pupils and their parents like to thank teachers with a gift to mark the end of term.

A survey by card retailer Clintons has uncovered the top 10 unusual gifts given to teachers.

  1. A daddy longlegs in a box
  2. Homemade tie rack made from old toilet rolls and curry jars
  3. Box full of shredded tissue
  4. T-shirt with ‘sexy’ written on it
  5. A traditional Russian Dress
  6. Papier-mâché monster
  7. A Mini Cooper
  8. A giant glass ornamental angel
  9. Packet of bacon flavour crisps
  10. Bath towels

Gifts for teachers - what they really want

So, what should you get as a gift for a teacher?

Well,  82% of teachers and school staff said that handwritten notes were the most treasured thing
they receive from children while 90% said the value of individual gifts was not important.

Tim Fairs, vice president of marketing at Clintons said: “Expressing gratitude is one of the most
common reasons for giving a gift or card.

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"Teachers often earn a special place in our hearts and younger children especially can be fairly creative when it comes to showing emotion.

"It’s clear that for most teachers, it really is the thought that counts, however it’s expressed.”

Sales of cards expressing gratitude peak in January and again during July while "Thank You
Teacher" has become a major occasion on the card-giving calendar.

For those struggling with their Thank You note, WikiHow has several step-by-step guides for
writing the perfect note, along with some top tips:

  1. Remember that the note doesn't have to be long to be meaningful. It is the thought that
  2. When writing your note, pay attention to grammar and spelling - even if it's a letter to your
    math teacher.
  3. Recounting a specific incident is much more meaningful than relying on glittering
    generalities. A precise description of, for example, the difficult process of learning the "Rule
    Against Perpetuities", will mean more to your teacher than statements like "You have
    helped me in so many ways."
  4. Be personal to the specific teacher.