Trump SNL sketch gets predictable social media response

You might have heard that a man with slightly questionable hair is about to become the most powerful in the western world, and, well... he’s once again been getting a bit ‘pissy’ about what that world is saying about him.

No, we aren’t harking back to the #GoldenShowers hashtag that has been dominating Twitter in recent days – or at least, we aren’t doing so here at Profit Accumulator. But Saturday Night Live’s Alec Baldwin showed no such compunction, with another hilarious portrayal of – who else? – US President-elect Donald Trump in his notorious recent press conference.

‘The Donald’ was once again furiously lampooned

The former US Apprentice host’s first formal appearance before the media since winning the election has been widely described as bizarre, boorish and frightening, so it’s fair to say that many of us were thankful for the light relief provided by the cast of SNL – even if Trump himself wasn’t.

Incredibly for someone who you might have thought would have more important stuff to attend to, Trump has been blasting Baldwin and SNL on Twitter after almost every episode in which he has been mocked. However, if anything, the show’s latest sketch was a pretty accurate portrayal of a darned madcap inaugural presser.

In it, Baldwin’s Trump tackled the unverified claims from BuzzFeed that he participated in what we shall diplomatically call ‘urine-oriented parties’ in Russia, and was probably politer to CNN reporter Jim Acosta – played by Bobby Moynihan – than the actual Trump was in real life.

The social media wits were out in force

The sketch provided no shortage of chuckle-inducing moments from Baldwin’s character – including an expression of dissatisfaction at his results from a BuzzFeed quiz about which Friends character he was (“I’m not a Joey, I’m a Rachel”) and a less-than-direct denial of the existence of a compromising videotape (“It didn’t happen and it wasn’t as cool as it sounded”).

Funnily enough, The Real Donald didn’t take the lampoon too well this time, either.

Needless to say, many of his social media followers didn’t quite share the sentiment.

Another took the opportunity to remind him of a part of the sketch in which SNL cast member Beck Bennett appeared bare-chested, in a mockery of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s famous aversion to shirts. He then asked in a thick Russian accent: “I am American journalist Wolf Blitzer. Are you sure Russia was behind the hacking?”, before holding up a potentially incriminating videotape.

It prompted Baldwin-as-Trump to stutter: “It was China. I mean Canada. It was Meryl Streep.”

Time to “get over” Trump? Baldwin thinks so

Baldwin as himself, though, has ironically commented in a recent interview that “we’ve got to get over... whining about Trump and lampooning Trump and our hand over our mouth, aghast, ‘Oh my God, Trump’s the President!’”

However, while showing ambiguity in his response to Streep’s recent criticism of Trump over his alleged mockery of a disabled reporter, Baldwin also called the President-elect “a malicious person”, predicting that the press would “keep giving it” to him right to the end of his presidency.

Whatever happens from here on in, it seems from this early example that the relationship between the soon-President and the media still continue to provide fireworks for the four – or even eight – years to come. Grab the popcorn in anticipation of the next #WaterSportsGate...