All of the wittiest #TubeStrike reaction

Yes, today has seen the return of that most British of things, a strike, and it’s fair to say that it’s brought out the rueful humour of many of Twitter’s assembled wits.

As reported by the London Evening Standard and other media sources, Tube workers have walked out over job losses and ticket office closures, reducing the Underground to a negligible service.

Amid all of the political wrangling over the strike’s necessity or lack thereof (a bit tedious), social media users were productive with their comic gems in response to the massive disruption.

Some workers last night were already contemplating the boasts with which they’d regale their colleagues once they did (somehow) get into work.

Indeed, there was a lot of inventiveness with regard to how exactly they would complete their commutes.

Come the morning, some of those who’d already dreamed up their no-show excuses found them to be a little bit thin.

However, not everyone lost out due to the strike action.

Whatever – there was no shortage of good old-fashioned British stiff upper lip.

Well, maybe not everyone got that particular memo.

Some social media users were actually impressed by the relative lack of disruption to their journeys.

Others had the time to poetically contemplate the apocalyptic scenario before them.

If all else failed, there was always the option for many users of just getting sloshed.

OK, so what about the serious stuff?

Behind all of the comedy, of course, there’s genuine anguish for many people who have seen their plans turned upside down by the strike. So, what do you need to know if you’re trying to get to and from work in the capital today?

Staff across the entire network went on strike for 24 hours from 6pm on Sunday, with Transport for London (TfL) warning that “Tube services are severely reduced”, adding that even the stations that did open today would likely close by 7pm.

TfL has urged those needing to travel to allow more time and avoid peak times if possible, as well as to consider other transport options such as buses, walking and cycling.

As for the political fallout, well, as you can imagine, that has been considerable. While London mayor Sadiq Khan described the Tube strike as “completely unnecessary”, RMT London regional organiser John Leach claimed: “You can’t carry a million people more each day with 834 fewer front line station staff”.

The strike involves workers from both the RMT and the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) unions.
In the meantime, Londoners have continued to struggle their way to work
Whatever - we think everyone’s just about coping.

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