Chris Eubank claims he’s coming out of retirement for one last fight

It seems that Chris Eubank Sr and old rival Nigel “The Dark Destroyer” Benn have seen a difference of opinion when it comes to Eubanks claim that he wished to come out of retirement for one last fight. Responding to a tweet by Eubanks that read “Now my son is champion of the world, it’s inspired me 2 have 1 last fight for the excitement that comes with risk”, Benn responded “This Guy is not the full ticket? He thinks that I’m going to run after him, he’s got another thing coming, you wasted 4yrs NUMPTY.”

This is a rival that has lasted for coming up to 30 years, with speculation surrounding the two for some time as to whether or not they would crown something that started back in 1990 when they faced each other for the first time. In their first fight, Eubank beat Benn via TKO in the 9th round, and then another fight in 1993 ended in a draw. Eubank’s career started in 1985, and from then he went on to gain 45 wins but lost four out of his six professional fights including one against Carl Thompson in 1998. Benn, on the other hand, had 48 professional fights of which he won 42, lost five and drew one. He gained 22 unbeaten fights until eventually losing to Michael Watson in 1989.

Fans are eagerly awaiting a Eubank v Benn grudge match between the two elders whose sons are both professional boxers and have recently engaged in a war of words in the press. Both Eubank and Benn’s sons have recently embarked on their own careers in the ring which may be another thing causing tension between the two. Eubank works closely with his son, Chris Eubank Jr, who won his first world title last month and took the IBO super-middleweight crown. Benn has two sons in the game, Conor and Harley, and both are tipped to reach world level. Eubank, now aged 50, sources this sudden bout of inspiration to put on his gloves comes from his son and has come as music to 53-year old Benn’s ears who claims that he has been trying to commit to a fight for years. “I’m just waiting for him to sign, instead he’s talking a load of old gobbledegook as usual,” Benn said.

Their famous rematch in 1993 at Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium is still considered as one of the best clashes ever seen in British boxing and had an audience of 500 million, a figure that could only increase with a third reunion match. Could the teasing and jibes from Benn eventually force Eubank to lace up his gloves for one last time? We’re unsure, but it’s definitely a match we’d like to see.