Bankroll For Casino Offers

Bankroll is a crucial part of making money from casino offers. 

Bankroll is the money that we have available to complete offers. This includes money in our matched betting bank account, plus any balances in bookie and casino accounts, and pending withdrawals. 

In this post, I’ll explain why we need a bankroll, and how we use it to complete the different types of casino offers, and grow our profits.

Why Is Bankroll Important?

There are two main reasons why bankroll is important.

The first is that most casino offers need us to deposit and wager some of our own money to unlock rewards. So if we don’t have any bankroll, we can’t complete the offers. No offers means no profits. 

The second reason is that most casino offers are not risk free. 

In the long run, we can achieve amazing profits by doing casino offers. But, we will always have some periods of ‘bad luck’, where we don’t make any profit, and sometimes even lose a bit of money. 

This is where our bankroll comes in. Our bankroll ensures that we can always withstand any losses that we make. We can power through any ‘bad luck’, keep completing casino offers, and build up our long term profits.

Bankroll Recommendations Vary

How much bankroll we should have depends on how risky the offers are that we complete.

There are lots of different factors which can impact this, like: the wagering amount, game used, reward received, and our chosen approach. These influence how much we could lose if we have some bad luck when doing an offer.

That might sound complicated, but to keep things simple, we sort casino offers into 4 categories, based upon their risk. These are:

  • Risk Free
  • Low Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • High Risk

Each of these categories will have different recommendations about bankroll.

So, how much bankroll should we have to start casino offers, and how much bankroll do we need for each type of offer? 

How Much Bankroll Do I Need To Start?

We would recommend a starting bankroll of £100+. 

This will allow you to work through the risk-free and low-risk casino welcome offers. 

We’ve organised our Casino Sign Ups to show you exactly which order to complete the offers in. At the top you’ll find the “Warming Up: Risk Free Offers” category. 

Here you’ll find completely risk-free offers. These are offers where you don’t need to wager any of your own money, so there is no chance of losses, but lots of opportunities to profit. 

Next, it’s time to move onto the low-risk welcome offers. These usually need you to wager between £5-£20 of your own money, to unlock rewards like free spins. 

Whilst you won’t make a profit on every offer, the potential losses are very small. By following our guidance, a £100+ bankroll should be enough to smash through these offers and build up your profits.

Keep Your Spin Size Small

When you play a casino game, you will have a choice of what spin size to use. On slots, this could be anywhere from 10p per spin, up to £20+ per spin. On blackjack and roulette, you can usually place bets from £1 per game, all the way up to £100+ per game. 

The spin size will have a big impact on how risky an offer is.  A bigger spin size will mean the potential for bigger wins, but also bigger losses. 

For instance, you need to wager £10 on blackjack. 

If you were to play one £10 hand, about half of the time you would make £10 profit, but the other half of the time you would lose £10. 

If you had a small bankroll, such as £100, it would only take a few losing £10 hands in a row before most of your bankroll was gone.

By doing the wager as 10 x £1 hands of blackjack, you’ll usually finish with about £8-£12 in your balance. So, the potential loss is much smaller.

Except for high risk offers, we would recommend using the smallest stakes to complete offers. 

This means 10p-25p spins on slots, and £1 bets on blackjack and roulette. 

This will minimise potential losses, allowing you to do offers with a small bankroll, and build up your long term profits.

Let Your Bankroll Grow

£100 can be a good starting bankroll for risk free and low risk casino welcome offers. But, you should have a larger bankroll to complete other types of offer.

Try and resist spending your casino profits, at least at first, and let your bankroll grow.

With a larger bankroll, you can do more advanced offers. This should mean more EV and profit, whilst ensuring you can always withstand any periods of bad luck.

Plus, a larger bankroll will make it easier to complete more offers at the same time. You won’t be worrying about constantly depositing and withdrawing from different sites.

Risk-free and low risk offers can be a brilliant way to build your bankroll. But, don’t forget that there are always opportunities to make a profit from sports matched betting offers. By also taking advantage of sports offers, you’ll be able to grow your bankroll even faster.

Low Risk Reload Offers

After the risk-free and low risk casino welcome offers, the next step is to start completing low risk casino reload offers. 

New reload offers run every single day (which you’ll find on our Reloads page), so there are always opportunities to keep your EV/profit growing. 

Like the low risk welcome offers, these usually need us to wager £5-£20 of our own money, to unlock rewards. 

These offers can be higher variance than the welcome offers. Plus, you could be completing multiple offers each day. So, we’d recommend having a larger bankroll for low-risk reload offers.

By having a bankroll of £300+, this will give you lots more flexibility. You'll be able to complete many offers at the same time, and more safety to power through any periods of bad luck.

Bankroll For Medium Risk

As the name suggests, medium risk offers have a greater risk than low risk offers. This might be because you have to wager a larger amount, the offer uses high variance games, or because of large wagering requirements.

Whilst we are more likely to make losses on some offers, remember that they are +EV, so we will make a profit in the long term by completing them.

As a general rule, we shouldn’t risk more than 5% of our bankroll on an offer. So if you have a bankroll of £1000, you shouldn’t risk more than £50 on one offer.

To make it easier to work this out, every offer in the Medium Risk Offers section has a suggested bankroll in the offer overview. This is indicated by the figure in the blue background and bank card icon on each offer.

Before you start medium risk offers, make sure you’ve checked out our medium risk guide

Bankroll For High Risk

High risk offers have great EV, so there is the potential to achieve fantastic profits. But, the bust rates tend to be high (60%-80%), which means that we will have times where we go on a losing streak where we could lose 5-10 offers in a row.

The flip side is that when we win, we usually win big, and these profits can more than outweigh the losses that we make. 

But, the likelihood of having losing runs means that having a suitable bankroll is incredibly important for high risk offers.

We never risk more than 2% of our entire bankroll when doing a high risk offer. So if an offer requires a £100 deposit, that would mean a £5000 bankroll.

You could use smaller deposits if you didn't have a £5K bankroll. But, the advanced nature of high risk offers means you spend some time focused on low risk and medium risk offers first, to build up your experience.

Make sure you’ve looked at our high risk guide before considering these offers. 

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