Slot RTP Finder and List of Highest RTP Casino Slots and Games

Slot RTP Meaning

The RTP, or Return to Player, of an online slot machine is a percentage measure of how much you, as a player, can expect to get back, on average, over thousands and thousands of spins of that slot.

Example: A slot RTP of 97% would mean that on average over millions of spins, for every £100 you spent on that slot, you would expect to get back £97. (Conversely, the casino would expect to make £3 profit on average over these millions of spins for every £100 you spent. This margin, which is 3% in this example, is the casino’s house edge.)


How Does Slot RTP Work?

A slot RTP percentage can never be 100%. A 100% RTP would mean on average, over thousands and thousands of spins, you would expect to get all the money you played on the slot back. A 100% RTP would give the casino no edge or advantage and the casino would not be profitable.

Consequently, slot RTPs are always less than 100% in order to give the casino a long-term edge, or advantage, over you - the player.

The higher a slot’s RTP (or the closer to 100% it is) the less advantage the casino has over you. The lower a slot’s RTP (or further it is from 100%) the higher the edge the casino has over you.

Whether you are going to play casino slots and games for entertainment or for the purpose of Matched Betting casino offers, you are always best to play on the slot with the highest RTP available in order to minimize the casino’s advantage over you as much as possible.

Example: If you needed to wager £10 of your own cash to unlock a £20 casino bonus and were given the choice of two slots to wager on, such as “Ugga Bugga” by Playtech which has a slot RTP of 99.07% and “Fruit Slots” by Microgaming which has a slot RTP of 92.87%, you are best to play on “Ugga Bugga” as it has the highest RTP.

Which are the slots with the highest and therefore best RTPs available? Here’s a quick list of the Top 20.


Top 20 List of the Highest RTP Online Casino Slots

(List correct as of 18th August 2021)

  1. Tens or Better (Slot RTP 99.14%) Provider: Microgaming
  2. Ugga Bugga (Slot RTP 99.07%) Provider: Playtech
  3. Mega Joker (Slot RTP 99.00%) Provider: NetEnt
  4. 100 Bit Dice (Slot RTP 98.94%) Provider: 4 The Player
  5. Weekend Binary (Slot RTP 98.65%) Provider: Candle Bets
  6. 1429 Uncharted Seas (Slot RTP 98.60%) Provider: Thunderkick
  7. Galactic Gems (Slot RTP 98.13%) Provider: PG Soft
  8. Marching Legions (Slot RTP 98.12%) Provider: Relax Gaming
  9. Golden Chance (Slot RTP 98.11%) Provider: BFGames
  10. Best New York Food (Slot RTP 98.08%) Provider: BF Games
  11. Jazz Spin (Slot RTP 98.05%) Provider: BF Games
  12. Blood Suckers (Slot RTP 98.00%) Provider: NetEnt
  13. Jack & the Mystery Monsters (Slot RTP 98.00%) Provider: Synot
  14. Joker Wild Double Up (Slot RTP 97.95%) Provider: NetEnt
  15. Starmania (Slot RTP 97.87%) Provider: NextGen Gaming
  16. Vikings of Fortune (Slot RTP 97.81% including 3% Jackpot Contribution) Provider: Blueprint Gaming
  17. Kings Of Chicago (Slot RTP 97.80%) Provider: NetEnt
  18. Classic Fruits (Slot RTP 97.72%) Provider: 1x2gaming
  19. Golden Tour (Slot RTP 97.71%) Provider: Playtech
  20. Rambo (Slot RTP 97.64%) Provider: iSoftBet

If as part of a casino’s wagering or bonus wagering requirements you have to play on a specific slot (or slots) from a list of slots the casino provides and the casino’s list doesn’t include any of the highest RTP slots listed above, how can you go about finding what each slot’s RTP is and, more importantly, which slot has the best RTP?

That’s easy! By using our Slot RTP Finder and Database.


Slot RTP Finder and Database

By far the easiest and fastest way for you to find the return to player (RTP) of an online slot machine is to use our extensive Slot RTP Finder & Database. This tool quickly searches the RTP percentages for all major online slot games from well-known casino slot developers and providers, including Playtech, Netent, IGT, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Realistic, Big Time Gaming, WMS, Yggdrasil Gaming, Quickspin, NextGen Gaming and Thunderkick.

Slot rtp finder and database tool

Most of the slot RTPs for the best 2021 online slots listed by
All Slot Sites can also be found by our slot database checker too.


How to use the Slot RTP Finder and Database

Our Slot RTP Finder (or Checker) is super simple to use as it includes both sort and search functions.

Slot RTP Finder Sort Function

Slot rtp finder and database tool - sort function

Using the arrows for each column it’s possible to sort by Slot Name (alphabetically), by Slot RTP % (high to low and vice versa), Slot Variance and Slot Provider Name.

The sort function of the Slot RTP% is by far the fastest way to check what the highest RTP slots are on a regular basis. 

Slot rtp finder and database tool sorted by slot rtp highest to lowest

Slot RTP Finder Search Function

Slot rtp finder and database tool - search function

The main purpose of the search function is to help you find the RTP of a specific slot as quickly as possible.

You just type the name of the slot you’re looking for in the search box of the ‘Slot Name’ column and almost instantly the RTP of that slot will be displayed. Here's an example of searching for the RTP of a slot called 'Blood Suckers'.

Slot rtp finder and database tool search function example by slot name blood suckers
You can then also search by Slot RTP Percentage, Slot Variance and Slot Provider as required. This is useful for casino bonuses that state you must only use slots from a specific developer, such as NetEnt.

Slot RTP Finder Results

The majority of online casino slot games have RTPs in the 94-97% range, with 96-96.50% being the most frequent range.

The Slot RTP Finder’s results are known as ‘factory RTPs’. These are the maximum RTP the developer provides for a slot and are normally the RTP that you’ll get at the casino or bookmaker your playing the slot with.

Casino and bookmakers can have a lower RTP version of any slot though, so it can be useful to double-check if the RTP at the casino or bookmaker where you are playing the slot is set to the ‘factory RTP’ or not. 

How can you find and double-check RTP on slots at an online casino? 

The slot RTP can usually be found on a slot’s individual information page or on a general information page at the casino/bookmaker where they provide a list of their available slots and the RTPs for each slot. 


Finding the Best Online Slots using Slot RTP and Variance

Slot RTP is only one factor to consider when trying to find the best online slot game to play for entertainment or for the purpose of Matched Betting.

Variance (or volatility) of the slot must also be considered and this is why the level of slot variance has been included within our Slot RTP Finder and Database tool.

The very best slots that give the casinos the smallest house edge are those with highest RTPs AND the lowest variance. 

By using the sort and search functions on our Slot RTP Finder we can find the best online slots that have high RTPs and low variance.

Slot rtp finder and database tool sorted by slot rtp highest to lowest and with search variance low

Doing this gives us a brand new list of what are actually the very best slots which give the casino's the smallest house edge possible.


Top 5 List of the Best Online Casino Slots (with High RTP and Low Variance)

(List correct as of 18th August 2021)

  1. Ugga Bugga (Slot RTP 99.07%, Variance LOW) Provider: Playtech
  2. 1429 Uncharted Seas (Slot RTP 98.60% Variance LOW) Provider: Thunderkick
  3. Blood Suckers (Slot RTP 98.00% Variance LOW) Provider: NetEnt
  4. Starmania (Slot RTP 97.87% Variance LOW) Provider: NextGen Gaming
  5. Golden Tour (Slot RTP 97.71% Variance LOW) Provider: Playtech

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