Ronaldo to appear alongside Angelina Jolie in new TV drama

In the past there have been a number of footballers who’ve dabbled in the movies. Take Pele, who starred in a number of projects for both TV and film, Eric Cantona who made a successful jump to a full-time acting career and let’s not forget Paul Breitner who went on to star in two spaghetti westerns, one being a German language film named ‘Potato Fritz’ where he played a frontier soldier helping to plant potatoes. Definitely sounds exciting and action-packed. The latest footballer to turn his hand to acting is Ronaldo, who is said to make his debut in a TV drama alongside Hollywood’s own Angelina Jolie.

This announcement comes a year after the 32 year old Man U star made his desire to get into acting public, admitting he would like to learn more about the industry once his football days had come to an end.
“I would like to learn being surrounded by good actors because only then will I learn since it is an area I do not control because it has nothing to do with football”, Ronaldo said, adding “It’s difficult as I have so many training sessions, games and competitions. But I would not close the door, it is something I like.”

His wishes to learn surrounded by good actors has come true and Ronaldo is now signed up to star in the Turkish TV series ‘Hayat Koprusu’ (which we think translates to ‘Bridge of Life’) alongside one of the best actors in the industry. The show will follow the story of a Syrian family escaping from civil war and will be shown in Turkey, the Middle East and Latin America sometime in April this year.

The topic of the drama is something that Ronaldo has publicly commented on in the past, posting a video message to children in Syria via Twitter late last year. He has also reportedly donated a generous amount to the Save the Children charity. “Hello, this is for the children of Syria. We know that you have been suffering a lot. I am a very famous player, but you are true heroes”, he said in the video.



On the field Ronaldo continues to impress as he always has done, with his team currently at the top of La Liga, but obviously the spotlights of the football stadium aren’t bright enough and instead he wants to bask in the bright lights of Hollywood. We don’t know if he’ll get that far, but we’re eager to find out.