Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kiss… and potentially save 2017

What was the big story of the 74th Golden Globe Awards last night? Was it the musical comedy-drama La La Land breaking the record for the most Golden Globe Awards, winning all seven accolades for which it was nominated? What about Meryl Streep criticising US President-elect Donald Trump over his alleged mockery of a disabled reporter (a charge that he denied “for the 100th time” while declaring the Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient “overrated”)?

Nah – for us, it simply had to be Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield locking lips – and some suggested a bit more – in a background shot after the former missed out on the Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy award to La La Land’s Ryan Gosling.

As you might imagine, it got quite the social media reaction.

It was all a bit too much for some

The snog may have only lasted for a few seconds, but it is sure to live long in the memory of many fans and other actors, not least Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively, who appeared amused by the embrace, and Emma Stone. The winner for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy didn’t witness the kiss and appeared shocked when asked about it backstage, exclaiming: “What? They did not kiss each other. They did?!”

Many more were surprised here in Blighty by the two actors’ intimacy, including Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan, who described it as “a proper on tongue job”. As co-host Susanna Reid tried to get him to calm down, he added: “I’m just saying! He did it and it happened in the audience and everyone was like: ‘What’s going on there, Ryan?’”

The hosts continued to clash over the moment, with Susanna pointing out Ryan’s marriage to Lively and the outspoken former News of the World and Daily Mirror editor saying: “I’m not questioning his sexuality, I’m just saying. He kissed a bloke with tongues in the audience at the Golden Globes. It’s not what you’d expect him to do.”

A memorable night... for mostly the right reasons

As aforementioned, Streep earned the ire of the man about to become the most powerful in the western world, describing his response to a disabled journalist as “one performance this year that stunned me... it kind of broke my heart”. In response, Trump described her as “a Hillary flunky who lost big.”

On a very different subject, it was also a great night for Brits, with Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Colman and Hugh Lawrie all taking home awards. Oh, and there was also a predictable focus on the fashion choices on display – Stone and Kristin Cavallari won praise in this regard, but Carrie Underwood and Kathryn Hahn received thumbs down.

Still, any ceremony containing that kiss surely has to be remembered for mostly the right reasons. It marks one of the last reflections on the entertainment year of 2016, and the opening of what promises to be another exciting year of film and TV in 2017.

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