Bet365 in play offer: £33+ Cash with Matched Betting

One of our all time favourite Matched Betting reload offers to do is the Bet365 in play offer. Why do we love it so much? As we can make ourselves around £33 or more in certain profit for just a few minutes effort of Matched Betting!

Seriously, what’s not to love about making £33+ in cash so easily?

What is the Bet365 in play offer?

Roughly every 4-6 weeks during the football season Bet365 does a special invitation only offer to their members that states if we Bet £50 pre-match on a specific game then we will then get a £50 Free Bet to use in-play on that same game.

On Saturday (1st August 2020), they are running the offer on the FA Cup Final that kicks off at 17:30 between Arsenal and Chelsea.



How will I know if I’m eligible to do the Bet365 in play offer?

You will get an email and/or see an invitation about the offer pop-up when you login to Bet365.



Some people may get offered a Bet £25 Get £25 Free in-play instead of the £50 (or other lesser options as well). Don't dismiss these lesser offers as it’s still a very good profit to make for such little effort!

(Want to try get the full £50 offer? Read our guide: How to get the full £50 in-play offer back from Bet365)


How do I make a profit from the Bet365 in play offer with Matched Betting?

Really easily!

The first thing you have to do is find a suitable Qualifying Bet to do on the game.

One of the quickest ways to do this is to use our Oddsmatching Tool and select Bet365 Qualifying Bet in the quick filter (1). Then, just type the relevant game in the search bar (2), and click the magnifying glass search icon next to it (3).


Doing our Qualifying Bet on Arsenal to win in this instance will give us the smallest Qualifying Loss – especially if we’re taking advantage of our 0% commission at Smarkets Betting Exchange.


These were the best odds available at the time of writing. Sometimes it's best to wait until closer to the game for better matching odds and a smaller Qualifying Loss. £2.70 is quite a lot but will be acceptable to most when certain of getting the £50 free bet. 

Then we just place our Qualifying Bet (before kick-off) following the instructions in our Matched Betting calculator.

Once you’ve placed the back part of your bet at Bet365 a small note will appear in the betslip that you’ve qualified for the free in-play bet.

Next, we just have to wait until it’s half-time in the game that we've bet on.

In our example here half-time for the Arsenal vs Chelsea game will be roughly at 18:15 on Saturday.

We wait until half-time because otherwise the odds at both Bet365 and the betting exchanges move too fast for us to be able to place our £50 Free Bet correctly.

As we are using our Free Bet in-play we can’t use the Oddsmatching Tool and manually need to find a good bet to do.

Platinum Members are highly recommended to check out this brilliant video and written guide on finding your bets manually for in-play offers like this.

Depending on what’s happening in the game at half time the best markets to look in first for a good Free Bet option tend to be the Match Winner, Under/Over Total Goals markets and the Full Time Correct Score Market.

As this is an in-play Free Bet we should expect a free bet extraction of around 70% rather than our normal 80% extraction. Basically, if you find a free bet that makes £34-£35 profit then take it! Sometimes we even have to accept an extraction of around £30 – but hey, it’s still £30 for a couple of minutes work so we really can’t knock it!

When you've found a good free bet to do you’re Matched Betting calculator for the Free Bet will look something like this:


Before placing your bets please make sure you have remembered to select that it is a Free Bet in the calculator. Also make sure you select to use your free bet in your betslip at Bet365 too!

Also keep an eye on your liability and that you’ve got enough in your exchange to cover the free bet.

Then all we need to do is place our bets and we’re done.

£33.59 overall profit (approximately) – thank you very much Bet365!

Getting More Advanced...

Potential Extra Profit with Bet365’s 2up early-payout offer

Those of us more experienced in Matched Betting who receive this offer from Bet365 will also opt to take advantage of their 2up early payout offer at the same time – especially if the Qualifying Loss on a team to win the game is really good.


If we opted to bet on Chelsea instead of Arsenal our Qualifying Loss would have also been £2.70 in this instance (again with 0% commission at Smarkets).

Both these Qualifying Losses are substantially higher than what we’d normally accept for a Qualifying Loss if we were doing a 2up qualifying bet alone.

As we know we are making a certain profit from our in-play free bet on this game though the extra Qualifying Loss here may be acceptable to some.

If there was an alternative bet available for our £50 Bet and Get in-play offer with a smaller Qualifying Loss though (e.g. on Both Teams to Score) you also might prefer not to worry about the 2up and go with that for your Qualifying Bet instead.

The decision is yours on what to do in such an instance.

Potential Extra Profit with Bet365’s Bore-Draw Offer

If you see a good Qualifying Bet option on a Correct Score market or Half-Time/Full-Time market that's not 0-0 or Draw/Draw you could also opt to take advantage of Bet365's Bore Draw Offer alongside the in-play offer.  If the game then does end 0-0 you'll make even more profit!

Only getting £10 or £25 on this offer instead of the full £50?

In case you missed it above - there MAY be a way to start getting the full £50 on this offer if you aren't already. Please view this guide.


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