Harry The Hornet mocks Wilfried Zaha

Watford's mascot, Harry The Hornet, has made a right fool out of Crystal Palace's Wilfried Zaha after his particularly acrobatic dive in their recent draw against Watford.

Zaha was booked for the dive, but that wasn't enough for Harry, who ran to Zaha after the match and dived at his feet.

Big Sam said it was "ridiculous" and the FA needed to "sort it out". Does Sam forget the time he mocked Chico Flores for the same thing? Everyone was on his side at the time... Seems to be a simple case of "you can dish it out, but you can't take it".


Harry The Hornet Mocks Zaha: Video

As you can see, Zaha wasn't too amused, and even took to twitter after the match to have a jibe at Harry, judging his acrobatics with rather favourable scores


Surely this is nothing on Big Sam's infamous Chico Flores moment?


Sam Allardyce laughing at Chico Flores


So, who did it better? Our bet is on Big Sam, but it's apparent he's forgotten about it of late - perhaps we should remind him...