The Sky Bet Soccer Saturday Price Boost

The Sky Bet Soccer Saturday Price Boost is one of our favourite Matched Betting reload offers. It’s always so simple and quick to do and over the year adds up to a substantial amount of cash for us regardless if we lay the boost normally or underlay it.

Even if you only have an hour spare for Matched Betting at the weekend it’s one of those offers we’d always recommend to do.

Some weekends you can make a quick £4 profit from this offer for just a couple of minutes of your time! Or possibly £10-£43 if you choose the potential profit approach!

If you’ve never done this price boost before and want to know what it’s all about then read on!



What is the Sky Bet Soccer Saturday Price Boost?

The Sky Bet Soccer Saturday Price Boost is a reload offer Sky Bet run almost every week (and sometimes twice a week) during the main football season. The offer provides the opportunity to bet on a boosted (or enhanced) odds three-fold accumulator, where two of the games are selected by Sky Bet and the third is your choice from a specific selection.


An important term to know about the Sky Bet Soccer Saturday Price Boost offer is that we can only usually stake a maximum of £10 on it.

How can we profit from the Sky Bet Soccer Saturday Price Boost with Matched Betting?

There are two different methods we can use to profit from this reload offer. Once learnt, both approaches are very quick for us to do as they just involve placing a single Matched Bet. Experienced members will literally be able to do this offer within 2 minutes.

The first method, which involves laying the boost off in the normal way at a betting exchange, guarantees us a profit no matter if the boost wins at Sky Bet or not.

This approach always makes us a profit. The profit is usually between £0.80-£4 each time.  

The second method, which involves laying the boost off with an underlay bet at a betting exchange, makes us a profit only when the boost wins at Sky Bet. Unlike in gambling though, this approach has no risk for us, as if the boost loses at Sky Bet then we make our £10 stake back at the betting exchange instead. This means if the boost loses at Sky Bet we don't lose any money or make a profit either - we are just at £0.

This approach only sometimes makes us a profit. The profit is larger though, usually £10-£30 or more.  

Let’s walk-through how to do these methods using one of the boosts that’s available this weekend (21st Nov 2020) as an example.


Price Boost Profit Method 1: The Standard Lay Bet

Step 1: Login to Sky Bet and find the Sky Bet Soccer Saturday Price Boost offer page. 3 three-way accumulators will be displayed with their boosted odds values.


Step 2: Choose a boost. We are going to use Aston Villa, Brentford and Watford all to win for our example here. The boosted back odds for this boost at Sky Bet are 10.0

Step 3: At Smarkets we now need to build this accumulator then request to lay (or 'Sell') the accumulator in order to find out what our lay odds will be.

For a detailed guide on how to build and lay accumulators at Smarkets you can view this guide here.

We basically just need to select the GREEN BACK ODDS for each team to win (Aston Villa, Brentford and Watford) so that they appear in our betslip as 'Multiples'.

Here's an example:


Once you've done this and double checked you've selected all the correct teams, in the multiples section of the betslip you need to select to lay this accumulator by clicking the SELL option. The SELL option will turn blue when you do this.


You will also now get the lay odds for your accumulator. You can see they are 8.2 for our example.

Step 4: Now we have our back and lay odds we can input this all into our standard calculator


The calculator indicates if we do this price boost we will make an instant profit of £2.16! No matter if the boost wins or not.

That’s a pretty good profit to make considering that placing these bets will only take us a couple of minutes!

Step 5: As you gain more experience in Matched Betting you will learn to ‘eye-ball’ which of the boosted accumulators at Sky Bet is likely to be the most profitable – but for now you will have to use the process above to compare each one and how much profit each would make you.

But wait! If you only have a small matched betting bankroll available you need to consider the liability ‘cost’ of doing this boost vs what other reload offers you still have left to do.

If you are quite new to Matched Betting and doing a lay bet with a liability of £87.84 for a profit of £2.16 is going to use up all your matched betting bankroll and prevent you from doing other more profitable guaranteed offers that are available over the weekend then you should consider leaving doing these kind of boosts until you have a large bankroll available.

Step 5: Once you’ve selected which boost you are going to do, you can place your £10 back bet at Sky Bet then lay it off using the lay stake from your calculator at Smarkets. Boom! Instant cash in our pockets!




Price Boost Profit Method 2: The Underlay Bet

For this approach Steps 1 to 3 are exactly the same as we used for Method 1 (i.e. finding the right bets at Sky Bet and Smarkets).

Step 4: For this profit approach we need to switch our Normal calculator mode over from 'Simple' to 'Advanced', like so:


We input exactly the same details in the calculator as we did for our boost in the first method, but this time we consider only the results under the section named ‘Underlay’.


The Underlay section for the boosted accumulator shows very clearly what we need to do and what will happen based on the outcome of the bets.

If the boost wins at Sky Bet we will make £18.00 in profit.

If the boost loses at Sky Bet though and wins at the exchange, we won’t make any profit but we won't lose any money either – overall we’ll be at £0.00. (This is why this method is also considered to be risk-free for us).



Step 5: Decision time!

Do we take the guaranteed profit using the standard lay approach from Method 1, or go for the larger risk-free potential profit using the underlay approach from Method 2?

This decision is completely down to you!

Some of our members prefer to always underlay price boosts. Usually in this instance they may tend to choose the first boost at Sky Bet as the odds suggest it has a slightly better chance of winning. (This is football though so anything can happen!).

Other members always go for the guaranteed profit from Method 1 – no matter what the profit is. Every now and again it can be just £0.80 - but they still always stick to this approach.

Some then do a mixture of both methods and make their decision each time based on the amount of guaranteed profit available. For example, if the guaranteed profit is £2.50 or less they may choose to go for the larger potential profit with the underlay method. If the guaranteed profit is £2.51 or more they might then go for the quick instant guaranteed profit. Individuals ‘cut off’ point between which method to use will vary though - we've just used a £2.50 profit point as an example.

If you’re relatively new to Matched Betting we’d always recommend for you to stick to the guaranteed profit method - at least until you’ve really built up your bankroll and learnt how to start profiting from advanced reloads such as the 2up early payout offer and horse racing refunds.

Extra tips on Matched Betting the Sky Bet Soccer Saturday Price Boost

  • Use the boost towards the Weekly Club Offer. Doing this Price Boost will contribute £10 towards your £25 Qualifying Bet required for the Sky Bet weekly club.
  • Don’t be an early bird with this offer! The Price Boost is available to bet on from Thursday most weeks. We recommend leaving it (if possible) until Friday afternoon/Saturday morning though as the lay odds on Smarkets often get lower. The lower the lay odds are the more profit you make.
  • Keep in mind about keeping your account healthy. To keep your account healthy at Sky Bet and to avoid getting gubbed we’d recommend not selecting the boost with the best profit every single time it's available. Every now and again you could even do the boost with the worst possible profit - profit is still profit after all! You could also consider varying your stake amount sometimes, especially if choosing the boost with very high odds. The boost is obviously very popular with normal punters (otherwise Sky wouldn’t do it every week!) so us Matched Betting the boost every week shouldn’t be a problem (though of course we can never be certain!). Although it counts towards the £25 Qualifying Bet of the weekly club (which is great) some weeks it might be worth pretending this isn't the case just to ensure you’re not doing the bare minimum of bets each week to qualify for the club.
  • Only do one boost each time. We've seen some members mention they do all 3 boosts every week - we'd highly recommend NOT to do this as it will likely get you gubbed very quickly. A normal punter would just choose one accumulator to do - and we should do this too.
  • Check other exchanges for alternative lay odds. Although Smarkets offers our Platinum and Diamond Members 0% commission which frequently makes it the best place to lay off the Sky Bet boost, sometimes Matchbook has even better lay odds. At Matchbook you don't need to build the accumulator yourself, as they are offered as ready-made (pre-built) bets - in a section named 'Enhanced Specials'. The lay odds will be in the pink box as shown in the screenshot below.Matchbook_Sky_Bet_Boost_Example

Thanks to the forum, if you're a Platinum or Diamond Member profits don't just stop with this Sky Bet Price Boost either!

Price Boost, or enhanced odds offers like this Sky Bet Soccer Saturday Price Boost make a significant contribution to our overall Matched Betting profits every single month.

In fact, if you follow our £1000 a month profit thread in the forum you will quickly see just how profitable Price Boosts truly can be.

The Forum is actually an essential tool if you want to profit from Price Boosts

The most essential and profitable Price Boost resource for Platinum Members to use is the Price Boost thread in our forum. Every single day members post profitable price boosts they find in this thread and quite often, especially on weekends, there are some very profitable boosts to be had.

Just look at this one with Coral on the Watford vs Burnley game! Members following this thread made £10 in 2 minutes! All they had to do was follow the quick instructions given to them as well - all the 'hard work' was kindly already done for them by an experienced member.


(If you'd like to access these kind of daily profits you need to become a Platinum Member with us).

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If you don't want to sit with this forum thread open all day on your computer you can follow our guide to enable notifications on your mobile instead, so that each time a member posts a boost you can quickly check it and profit from it if you have 2 minutes free!

Platinum and Diamond Members can also access another useful guide on Price Boosts here.

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