Which WAGs will endure the most woeful Valentine’s Day?

Some WAGs will be luckier than others this Valentine’s Day.

It really depends on where their partners do their shopping.

If the players have left it to the last minute and head to the club shop of the team they represent, there might be some miffed wives and girlfriends on February 14.

The team at Profit Accumulator have trawled through each Premier League team’s offerings in an effort to find which will be the least-lucky ladies this year.

Here they are, ranked from “it’s the thought that counts”, to heartbreakingly bad.



Middlesbrough aren’t messing around. Check out this Valentine’s Card. Yes, it might look like Grant Leadbitter made it by hand under duress, but the sentiment can’t be faulted. Cost: £3

Stoke City


Stoke have got the right idea. It’s got a heart shape, it’s red, it’s got a City badge. What more could a girl want? She’s sure to go Potty for this. Cost £7.50


Sunderland’s club shop boasts about a ‘mega half-season clearance’, which sounds a little bit like their transfer policy.

They do, however, have a nice bottle of champagne, which you can personalise in the name of your loved one.

Particularly useful if you know a Black Cat who’s been driven to drink in recent seasons. Cost: £39.99



Ensure there’s no white heart pain for your beloved Spurs fan with this fetching T-shirt.

And you can prove you’re as savvy as Daniel Levy by nabbing it at a reduced price. Cost: £10

West Brom

If in doubt, flowers and chocolate. Well, you can’t get flowers at the Hawthorns but they’ve got you covered for sweet stuff.

Choose from a selection of confectionery, including this Baggie Bird Bar. Cost: £1.99

West Ham


Ooh La La! The Hammers aren’t scared of getting a bit saucy as Valentine’s Day rolls around, as this club-branded garter proves.

Keep your eyes on the thighs and ensure a first-leg advantage. Cost: £6



Jack Wilshere and pals could do worse than this cute 12in teddy, sporting a very fetching cherry-red hoody. Cost: £15



Another teddy here, this time from Chelsea.

Maybe Diego Costa could take him with him to China as something to remember his team-mates by. Cost: £5



Perfect for those cold winter nights after a goal-less draw somewhere up north, this cover adds a touch of Watford to any hot water bottle.

Get this and the Hornets fan in your life will be buzzing. Cost: £7



This isn’t strictly a Valentine’s Day gift but at least the colours are right. Giving the gift of the “ladies’ rhea T-shirt” is sure to make you a Saint in the eyes of  your Valentine. Or maybe not. Cost: £18



To be fair, Liverpool’s club shop boasts an impressive array of gifts for her.

If James Milner is in a rush on February 13, he could be forgiven if these catch his eye as he dashes around the Anfield club shop.

A brief encounter that’s not quite as romantic as the film. Cost £10



Push the boat out with a sweet gesture for the Toffees fan close to your heart with this bracelet.

It doesn’t come cheap, mind - it almost costs as much as Seamus Coleman did. Cost: £60



Another bracelet, but this one has charm, literally. It comes complete with a bead that represents every away match Leicester have won this season. Oh, actually, it comes with one more than that. One. Cost: £25

Man City

Make time for the City fan in your life with this classy leather-strap watch. It’s actually quite nice, the only disappointment being it’s not made by Citizen. Cost: £45


Curl up and get cosy with the Arsenal fan in your life with this fleece blanket. It has a carry handle, too, making it ideal for a romantic picnic.

Perhaps when the weather improves, eh? Cost: £12

Crystal Palace

If you’re wondering where you stand in your partner’s list of priorities, give them a little reminder with this subtle mug message.

All you have to do is find someone called Forename. Cost: £9.95



If you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle for your Claret obsessed loved one, you could do worse than this dog tag pendant.

Actually, you might struggle to do worse. At least it’ll help you remember their name. Cost: £24.95

Swansea City

The gift ideas are a bit scarce at Swans Direct but there’s something seductive about this caricature print.

You can get one of most of the Swans stars but this one is perfect for your Fer lady.  Cost: £7.50

Man Utd


For a club that has managed to license pretty much every object under the sun, the Valentine’s Day gift ideas at United Direct are thin on the ground.

About the best we could find is this reusable bag in bag. Very sexy. Cost: £4

Hull City

It’s bracing on the banks of the Humber at this time of year. To be honest, it doesn’t get much better in summer.

If you’re choosing these flip-flops, be sure you’ve also booked a holiday to somewhere warm.

I guess it’s one way of saying “I really love your tiger feet”. Cost: £9.99