The best from #DeadlineDay on Twitter

Transfer deadline day is a frantic time, when clubs are scrambling to sign those last few players they need for the late-season race and the press is similarly rushing to keep everyone updated on it all. Naturally, Twitter is a great place to provide timely updates - not to mention a great place to see amusing commentary on how utterly ludicrous #DeadlineDay actually is.

Sky Sports man Jim White is a reliable source of news about transfers, and he alone was the inspiration behind quite a few silly tweets - including some about his rather interesting taste for yellow in his attire.

However, keeping an eye on reporters can be even more fun when they break their news in the company of football fans, who - as if it really needs to be said - can be quite an eccentric lot. Or, perhaps more to the point, a publicity-seeking lot.

Is this the kind of thing that sports journalists had been long expecting their jobs to involve? Was it what popped into their head as they undertook their school and university exams and then started out, perhaps for a modest local newspaper, before the likes of Sky Sports came knocking? No, probably not. But anyway, who cares? It's funny.

Some of the news itself can be quite eye-opening, too. We are all familiar with those moments when you learn about a #DeadlineDay move that you... simply... don't... get.

Still, some good news can come through, and, when it does, a very particular kind of smile can form on your face.

While many managers have previously excelled as players, not many have gone as far as signing themselves for on-pitch action. However, Kevin Nolan obviously saw it as an option, opting to register as a player for Notts County.

However, the story isn't quite an example of "desperate times call for desperate measures", despite the League Two side's battle against the drop. When Nolan became the club's boss on 12 January, a transfer embargo kept him from joining his new players. Thankfully, Notts has since settled debts - and apparently, the former Newcastle midfielder had long intended to be a player-manager.

The news that Matty Taylor was set to leave Bristol Rovers for Bristol City, becoming the first player to do so for three decades, also raised more than a few eyebrows. Well, getting a better job can feel even better when you don't have to buy a new house as you make the transition. Though one person will be losing out even more than the Rovers gaffer...

But what if you aren't even interested in football? Admittedly, if that's you, we're surprised that you've managed to read as far as this paragraph. However, some people couldn't resist the occasional topical joke that will make even non-believers in the Beautiful Game chuckle.

Finally, while Harry Redknapp isn't currently managing any club and therefore isn't snooping around for players on #DeadlineDay, we can still have fun thinking about what it'd be like if he was.