Betfair Integration for Profit Accumulator Members

Our goal at Profit Accumulator is to make the matched betting process as easy as possible, by taking as much of the hard work out of matched betting as we can. That's why we're excited to let you in on what we've been working on:

Betfair Integration for Our Oddsmatching Tool

Betfair and Profit Accumulator have teamed up to introduce Betfair Integration for the Profit Accumulator website. Betfair Exchange will now be integrated with our Oddsmatching tool, allowing seamless laying of bets on the Betfair Exchange. It links your Profit Accumulator account and your Betfair Exchange account.

Betfair are the exchange that we recommend all new matched bettors to use, due to the ease of use of their site, the good liquidity and the wide range of markets.

Saving Time?

Now that the laying of bets can be done straight from our Oddsmatching tool, this will remove the need to have lots of tabs open while also take the manual labour out of the task too.

How To Integrate Your Accounts

To find out how to link your Betfair and Profit Accumulator accounts, please click here to visit the training guide. Or watch the video below:

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What about the other exchanges?

Hold tight, more exchanges will be coming soon.

What about security?

Despite what the security permissions that you have to opt-in to specify - we will never place any bets on your behalf without your consent.These are formalities that Betfair have insisted upon. Also, we will never store any personal information with the intention of using or selling it in any way shape or form. All the information is sent via a secure connection and we take the security of your account very seriously.

What about other tools?

Initially this is only available on the new oddsmatcher. The other tools will have it soon.

Who can access it?

At this point it is only available to full Platinum members.

Are there any implications to my Sportsbook or Paddy account if I link my Exchange account?

No. Betfair have assured us that those areas of the business are completely separate and as such, any personal information is not shared. Linking your exchange account here will not mean that you will be flagged as a matched bettor on your Paddy Power or Betfair Sportsbook account. Any potential gubbings on Paddy or Sportsbook are based on your activity on those sites, not using this integration.

We hope you'll find the Integration useful. If you are already a Platinum member, please visit the oddsmatcher to link your account. If you're not a Platinum member but would like to use this feature, please sign up and upgrade today.