Cheltenham Festival 2018 officially starts today. The most important week of the jump racing matched betting year.

In celebration of the event we’ve released a couple of new features that might help make things a bit easier.

Smarkets integration

You might have seen this mentioned a few times already, but you now have the option to lay bets at Smarkets directly on the oddsmatcher. It works exactly the same as the Betfair integration. For more information, you can view the training video here.

Essentially you just need to click the Smarkets emblem next to the Smarkets logo, login to your account and go from there.

As mentioned in the Smarkets 0% terms and conditions. It is one of the stipulations of the offer that you have to place at least one bet through the integration in the months of April and May...although you don’t need to worry about this until April 1st (and we’ll remind you closer to the time).

Customer Calculator Options

Due to the fact we have a few opt-in reduced commission offers running at the moment (Smarkets 0%, Matchbook 0%...and for the lucky few, Betfair 0% which is invite only), you now have the ability to amend the default commission on all of the calculators on our site.

To change your default commission, go to your account section and change the number in the box in the bottom right.

You can also change your default bonus retention percentage, as we know different people have different preferences for this. The bonus retention percentage basically is an estimation of how much you'll make from the free bet after your predicted qualifying loss has been taken into account.

Cheltenham No Chat Threads Now Added To Mobile Notifications

We’ve added a few of the Cheltenham no chat threads to the mobile notifications list of forum threads.

To set it up mobile notification for selected offers and forum threads, read the guide here

To add the new threads, visit your dashboard here.

On the subject of mobile notification threads, we are well aware that the refresh time on some of the threads is a little slow (it pulls new forum comments in 5 minute intervals, so a notification could take up to 4:59 to appear...or it could appear after 1 second, it just depends when the comment is made). This is something that's on the list of improvements.

Key Cheltenham Threads

Here’s a quick list of the key Cheltenham forum threads:

Offers Summary -

Day One Offers Index -

Lock Ins -

General Tips -

Close Matches -

Price Boosts -

Competition Thread -

A full schedule, including a list of the race times, can be found on the Cheltenham Festival website here.

Good luck, we hope everyone makes a good profit.

Remember to tag @administrators or @moderators on the forum if you have any questions, or you can call or email our customer support team. Contact details can be found here.