Football Index: World Cup 2018

Football Index is an innovative platform that allows football fans to become traders. It’s described as the world's first football stock market and gives people the opportunity to buy and sell players for real money.

With the World Cup coming up this summer, now is a great time to start trading. Anyone with a bit of knowledge about football can make money.

Please note that, unlike matched betting, Football Index is gambling.

What is Football Index?

Football Index is a bit like fantasy football in that it requires punters to speculate which players will do well, but you don't have to pick a team - you can invest in just one player if you like.

Traders (i.e. punters) invest in players in the hope that they will perform well, demand for them will rise and their value will go up. Investing in a player is known as buying a "Football Future".

There are three ways to earn money. Firstly, trading on the fluctuations in player prices. Simply try to buy low and sell high for maximum profits. Secondly, dividends are paid to footballers that are deemed to be ‘trending’. News Feeds are used to produce the definitive 'trending' footballer each day. Lastly, match-day rankings. Using Opta Data Performance Rankings there are four separate dividend opportunities in Top Forward, Midfielder and Defender, plus Top Overall Footballer. If one of your choices fulfils any of those criteria, you either get a dividend payment.

We reviewed the site in more detail here.

Why Is It A Good Time To start?

The World Cup starts in June, and it should be a great opportunity to make a nice profit

It has been confirmed that Performance Buzz dividends will be paid out during the  competition, which is good obviously because there will be more opportunities to earn dividends. It's expected to be a 5p Media Pay-out.

Media Buzz will still be available to win, but the pay-out will be ‘reduced’ (there hasn't been an official announcement on the pay-out yet).

Here are three more (quite obvious) top tips:

  1. Players from countries not at the World Cup will have a low value during the summer. Teams such as Italy, who have a few high value players, might be worth an investment whilst their value is a bit lower. The other big names to miss out are the Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Northern and Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, Wales, United States, Chile, Ivory Coast and Ghana. Here is a full list of the teams that did make it.
  2. Buy players who have potential but are currently injured. Almost every player gets injured at some point, and when it does their value inevitably dips (...apart from Neymar!).
  3. Buy players now that you think will have a good World Cup. At every World Cup there are players who start as being relatively unknown but have a good tournament and earn a transfer to a bigger club. Put your knowledge to the test and see if you can make some predictions. The odds can be used to

Football Index: Give it a try with up to £500 risk-free trading

What Players Shall I Buy?

You might think that buying the best players will give you the best results, but predictably they will be the most expensive (for example, Lionel Messi), so it pays to be a bit more savvy about the players that you purchase.

Here are a few players that we think might be worth a punt pre-World Cup:

  • Son Heung-Min. £1.80*. Off the back of a very good season for Tottenham, Son Heung-Min might be a good shout for someone who will have a good World Cup. He’s the main man in the South Korean team and undoubtedly a very talented player. Will they stay in the competition long enough for him to shine though?
  • Kelechi Iheanacho. £0.80*. Has a fantastic international scoring record. Not had a great season at Leicester but always looks good for a goal, and the Nigerian team do play attacking football.
  • Emil Forsberg. £1.20*. A dynamic player in Sweden's midfield. Maybe now Zlatan isn't playing it will give players like Forsberg the opportunity to shine.
  • Alexsandr Golovin. £1.25*. Young central midfielder who is rumoured to be on his way to the Premier League. Russia’s best young player and someone who could be a big hit on home soil.
  • Christian Erikson. £2.75*. Quality player who has had a good season at Tottenham. They play Australia and Peru amongst others, which for a player of his quality must be quite tempting.

*Prices right at time of writing.

How Do I Get Involved?

To get involved, sign up below and start trading.

Football Index: Give it a try with up to £500 risk-free trading

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