How Much Could You Make At Cheltenham?

The 2020 Cheltenham Festival is approaching and matched betting members at Profit Accumulator are gearing up for the busiest matched betting event of the year.

Matched betting allows members to bet on Cheltenham and lock in profits from money-back offers.

This year's Festival starts on Tuesday, March 10th and ends with Gold Cup day Friday, March 13th.

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Bet on Cheltenham 2020: How much can you make from matched betting?

Earnings will depend on a number of factors, not least how many accounts a member has in use and which Cheltenham betting offers the bookies decide on this year.

The Profit Accumulator forum has a thread dedicated to profits made at the 2019 festival.

Here are some stats from the 185 responses posted:

  • The combined amount won from 182 people was £70,498.
  • The average amount made was £749.98 per person.
  • The approximate hourly wage (based on working six hours a day) was £41.67 an hour.
  • You would need to do 5 hours at minimum wage (or 10.7 hours if you're an apprentice!) to make the equivalent hourly amount.

Here's what some members at Profit Accumulator had to say about 2019 on the forum:

Geesimps said: "Up £770 overall. Very happy for my first ever Cheltenham."

JMorto89 said: "Just paid for flights to New York with my Cheltenham winnings"

Lennythebadger78 said: "Just done the final totting up and come in at £1262.35. Best of the 3 Cheltenhams I've done as an MB'er."

Goforgold said: "Total profit £1,644.59, very very pleased!"

Cheltenham Festival


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