How to wisely invest £1 million if you win the lottery

As any highly successful Matched Bettor knows, sticking to the strategy is absolutely vital when it comes to profiting from advanced casino offers or sports offers.

Although many make substantial profits doing football 2up and horse racing extra place reload offers – those hitting casino offers also get the added benefit of potentially hitting a huge, or even mind-blowing, jackpot in between making their regular Matched Betting monthly profits. You know, the same kind of mind-blowing jackpot you could win having the odd small flutter on the Lottox5 at Lottoland.

The biggest reported jackpot a Profit Accumulator member has hit so far doing casino offers is a whopping £48,000!

Platinum Members can read about this win on the “BIG BIG WINS” thread in our Matched Betting Forum.

Some may argue that it is only a matter of time until someone Matched Betting casino offers hits that £1 million win. It might be this year or 5 years for now – but just as with the lottery – it could be anyone – at anytime - even a member just religiously doing their free spin offers each week.

If you were the member to win a £1 million jackpot whilst Matched Betting casino offers or just through luck playing the lottery – how could you best invest that money and more importantly, how would you make sure that you didn’t lose or waste it all?

Here’s a few ideas...

1) Put 99% of it straight into a savings account

Deduct a small amount to ‘go a bit crazy’ with of course – nice meal out to your favourite restaurant, bottle of bubbly with the other-half, that weekend away to Paris you’ve always wanted to do in a nice 5 star hotel – the rest should immediately go into a savings account and not be touched until you have a good plan in place for what to do with the money.

2) Get advice from an expert (or two) as soon as possible

After treating yourself a bit - undoubtedly the first proper investment any jackpot or lottery winner should make is on finding an exceptionally good financial advisor (or two - just to make sure).

Good financial advisors are the type of people who say yes – buying your dream house may sound like a good investment – but don’t forget to consider the ongoing costs that might come with that huge new home and whether you’ll be able to cover them easily for years to come.

Who wants to get their dream home then have to sell it a few years down the line as they can no longer afford to maintain it? That would be awful!

Yet this issue is apparently quite common!

3) Decide if you're going to 'tell the world' or not

Everyone will have a different approach with this but the general advice is that if you’re going to share with family and friends that you’ve come into some money – that it’s best not to give them all the details or the precise amount.

At the very least wait until you’ve started to get a plan in place on what you want to do with the money before you tell them all.

4) Do your research

The old proverb “the art is not in making money, but keeping it” rings true here and is something you should continuously keep in mind if you want to grow your million into more millions rather than just spend it all in one go.

Start by reading books about millionaires, by millionaires and/or about investing in general. Listen to podcasts about successful entrepreneurs, follow their instagrams and do whatever you can to learn what other successful people are doing before you make any decisions about what you should do.

There are many successful entrepreneurs and investors who do mentoring or offer mentoring services - these could be good to consider too.

5) Form a plan

This plan might take some time to form and in the mean-time you have to be mindful to avoid dipping into your big win too much – as before you know it you could spend half of it and not have much to show for it.

Yes - that top of the range car looks lovely and you could get it right now – but if you form a good investment plan and stick to it you could end up having 5 top of the range cars a few years from now if you wanted to. Which would you prefer? 1 now or 5 later?

Remember what our most successful and highly profitable Matched Bettors do with their bankrolls? First they build them up and then they use them to continuously make more money. This is what you want to do with your big win - use it smartly to make more money.


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