We are very pleased to announce that we have have updated and improved our Acca Catcher software. Acca Catcher 2.0!

It’s been rebuilt and has new features, is faster, more stable, more efficient. Another key difference is that we’ve fine-tuned the acca calculation so it returns higher value suggestions, providing you with more profitable options.

Ac 2.0 will feature over 1 million acca offers in the system at any time, and each day it makes around 4 million different acca combinations.

We’ll release this new version initially as a beta, so if you notice any problems or have any feedback on any features you would like, please leave a comment on the forum here. The old version is still going to be around for a while (can be found here), so you can access any saved acca's.

If you are new to accumulator bets or would like a refresher on the training videos, please click here. The videos are still relevant, but they do feature the old software.We will update these videos very soon.

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The beta version of Acca Catcher 2.0 can be found here.

Discuss on the forum here.

As well as updating and improving the software, we have added a few new features:

Sequential/Non-Sequential Rather Than Regular/Lay-All

The different acca type options are now sequential/non-sequential, rather than the old terms regular/lay-all. This is because the old naming scheme implied that you could only do the lay all method on lay all acca types, which isn’t the case. Sequential accas are where there is a sufficient gap between the legs for you to find out the result and place your next lay bet accordingly. Non sequential does not have this constraint and so you might find multiple legs that start at the same time.

New Filters

There are couple of new filter buttons. We have a Leagues filter, it works just like on the old one and functions in the exact same way. We also have a Match Result Markets Only filter which limits all results to only the WIN-DRAW-WIN market, as opposed to over/under markets and BTTS, for example. These new markets are one of the biggest features of Acca Catcher 2.0, and combined with our new method of building acca's means we can suggest much higher EV offers for you.

Another new button you might notice is ‘bet type’. You have the ability to choose Acca Insurance, Free Bet or Qualifying Bet.

Acca Insurance

This is the standard acca offer you have all been used to from the old software. If one leg loses then you get a free bet refund. This is currently the best offer bookies have and is the main purpose of this software. Almost all of what you previously will have learnt about this offer will still apply here. Accas are sorted by default according to their EV here, as was the case on the old version.

Free Bet

We noticed an increase in members using their free bets on accumulators due to often being able to find an increased return (and it often helps keep your account healthy), so we wanted to help facilitate this. This option will find the best accumulators for you to be placing your free bets on, with what we hope is a varied selection of legs and odds to choose from. This is particularly useful with offers that require you to use your free bet on an accumulator. Previously you had to build these semi-manually using the oddsmatching software. With this option accas are sorted by free bet return, which is a percentage that tells you your potential return from the bet - we generally aim for 80%.

Qualifying Bet

This is another new option that we felt would be useful. This option would be used for offers that for example might be 'bet £25 on accumulators during the week and we will give you a £10 free bet to use on the weekend'.

Another offer you could use this for are the odds boosts. Some bookies will boost accumulator winnings by a certain percentage. These are often profitable and although not as good in general as the acca insurance, can be a very good source of income. This odds boost feature is now fully integrated in the software for all offers, including the ability to add custom odds boosts to accas in case you want to build your own! You could also use this to mug bet. It will help you find accas that will give the smallest losses. So you can try to look like a regular punter.

Please click here to visit the new software.

Changes Inside the Acca Calculator

When you click an accumulator to see more information, you’ll notice there are a few changes to the calculator. First of all we now show a summary of the terms of the offer along the top, and also a link to the bookmakers terms page for you to check on yourself if you wish (obviously we check all the offers as well and don't put up anything that isn't suitable).

We also now have the statistical probability of how many of your legs will lose. Also, we have an indicator of the variance. In mathematics, variance is basically a score of how far away your results can be from the average result. We’ll have a guide that will go into more detail about this soon (essentially though all you need to know is green = good / red = bad).

More Exchanges

Matchbook and Betdaq are now featured as exchanges. Matchbook especially has been asked for a lot, especially considering their ongoing 0% commission offer. You now have even more choice of where to place your bets to maximise your profit on every accumulator.

Different Methods For Placing An Accumulator Offer

Next up, depending on the accumulator type you selected, you will see some of the following methods available for placing the accumulator.

First we have 'Qualifier'. This is what we used to call the 'Normal' method, and works exactly the same. You place the accumulator and then lay the first leg at a time depending upon the results of the previous game. Link to existing training video here.

We have 'Refund Lock In' next. This is the exact same as in the old software. Link to existing training video here. As mentioned previously, updated training videos are on their way.

Next is the 'Free Bet' method. This method the same as the old software but with one key difference, generally when using this option you will want to have selected 'free bet' as the acca type on the previous page, so that you are finding the best accumulators to place these on. Remember that the best EV acca is very rarely the best free bet return acca.

Next, Lay All. As mentioned earlier, this method can actually always be used, it's just not always wise to use it since if you use it on an acca with very high odds you could end up with extremely high liability. Link to existing training video here.

Finally we have the new 'Advantage Play (No Lay)' method. This method is where you place the accumulator bet but then don't actually lay anything. The advantage of this is that it's extremely quick and easy to do. Just like Lay All, you can use this method on non-sequential acca's, but unlike Lay All you can also use this method when there is low liquidity in the markets on the exchanges. The drawback to this method is the variance, it is very high. The highest of all methods and so I would not recommend doing this method unless you are very experienced with the other methods first and fully understand the risks involved. Video tutorial is forthcoming.

Advanced Calculator Options

The last couple of new features you will find hide inside the advanced settings section (which is found inside the calculator, when you click ‘advanced settings’. You should see two new boxes for user input (bonus retention rate is not new and is unchanged since the last AC).

Firstly we have the free bet stake multiplier. This is going to be rarely used as not many offers do this, but some offers do pay you double your stake as a free bet occasionally, if this is the case then you're going to enter '2' into that box. Generally you will want this to be left on 1, unless a specific offer tells you to use a different value, and if so there will be specific instructions.

Finally we have the Odds boost box as talked about a little earlier. This is where you can adjust the calculator to account for bookmakers offering, for example, a 10% odds boost on winning trebles and similar offers. Any odds boost should be entered as a decimal, so for example 10% = 0.1.


If you have any request, please contact our customer support team or leave a comment on this forum thread.

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