New Features from Betfair for the start of the Football Season

Betfair have just informed us of a few new announcements, just in time for the start of the football season.

As you probably already know, Betfair is an online gambling company which operates the world’s largest online betting exchange. As well as offering a sportsbook, online casino, poker and bingo. Due to its range of markets, good liquidity and stability, we always recommend using Betfair Exchange as your go-to place to lay-off your bets.

Enhanced Number of Markets to Complement Price Boost Offers

Many Bookmakers now give away price boost offers. These are regular enhanced odds offers used to incentivise customers to bet. You can read about price boosts in more detail here.

The issue with some of these offers was the inability to easily lay off the outcome, but now that’s about to change. Betfair Exchange are now creating specific markets, which can often be quite niche, tailored to the price boost offers that are available at other bookmakers.

A good example is this Championship accumulator market:


Betfair Exchange have purposefully created the same market on their site (see below), so you can lay off the offer more easily.


What this means is that hopefully more price boost offers become available to matched bettors. No news on the specific markets yet, but hold tight for more information.

2% Commission For August on Premier League Match Odds

This is an opt-in offer, please follow the link below to opt-in and get an industry rivalling low 2% commission on all Premier League match odds.

Click here to opt-in to this offer.

The promotion only applies to bets placed via the Exchange , and it doesn't start until tomorrow (5th August). You also need to opt-in before the 21st August to be eligible.It only applies to games played in August, so any bets settled after midnight on 31st August wont count.

The commission saving will be paid back as a refund, so at the time you place your bet you will be charged the regular 5% commission rate, but then the refunded difference in the commission amounts will be paid into your account, in cash, within 24 hours of market settlement.

So for example; if you win £100 on a match odds market, you will, at the time, pay £5 (5%)  in commission. Then later you’ll be credited with a £3 refund (£100*2% = £2, then £5 - £2 = £3 refund).