Profit Accumulator Helper – Chrome Extension

Access the PA Helper Chrome Extension here

  1. First go to chrome://extensions in your browser address bar and REMOVE the old extension.
  2. Download the zip file above and extract it. (For extra security, extract it to a random folder on your PC. The install location determines the ID of the plugin).
  3. In chrome://extensions, at the top right enable developer mode.
  4. In chrome://extensions, at the top left, click "load unpacked".
  5. Go into the extracted folder and click "select folder".
  6. The plugin is now installed.
  7. Load up a fresh web-page* and you should be able to load the plugin. (It won't work if you are still on chrome://extensions or if you are on a page that was loaded before install).

The Profit Accumulator Helper is the ultimate matched betting resource, allowing our Platinum members to access the full suite of Matched Betting tools without ever leaving the website they are visiting. Featuring all of our signup offers, reload offers, our calculator and our oddsmatcher tool it will help you to increase your matched betting speed and the amount of offers you can get through.

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*Please note that you may need to refresh this page when you initially install to get the extension to show

Key Benefits

The system lets you access the essential Profit Accumulator tools no matter where you are on the web. You can be browsing a bookie site and have access to the calculator, oddsmatcher, and all of our offer instructions, without needing separate tabs or windows.

This means you can be finding and calculating your bets without even leaving the bookie's website!

Tools/Features available:

  • Betting Calculator - standalone matched betting calculator for use to calculate bets there and then on the bookie/exchange site
  • Full Oddsmatcher - with filtering capability, integrated calculator and ability to store
  • Signup Offers - every signup offer available on the site will be available on the extension
  • Reload Offers - likewise, every reload will be available on the extension meaning that you can follow the instructions as you do the offer on the bookie page
  • Extend Facility - if you need to increase the size of the PA Helper you can do so simply by dragging out from the side of the extension window
  • Pop Out Option - the extension control panel features a handy pop out feature, this allows users to move the PA Helper wherever they wish on their screen

Take a look through the video at the top of this article for a look at the tool in action and download here to use yourself!


The great news is that this fantastic new tool is available for FREE for everyone until December 31st 2019!

Even better news is that existing Platinum Members and anyone who joins up to a Platinum subscription until December 31st 2019 will get the PA Helper extension FREE FOR LIFE!

For new members joining from January 1st 2020 onward, the Helper extension will only be available for those who upgrade to Diamond Membership level. Make sure that you sign up before that New Year deadline to save yourself some money and get this tool absolutely free!

Matched Betting With Profit Accumulator

Matched Betting is a way of taking advantage of the hundreds of free bet offers dished out by bookies. Although it has betting in the name there is no real gambling involved as, unlike normal betting, we cover all possible outcomes of an event. This means regardless of the result we can make a profit and turn those free bets into real cash!

Keen to Get Involved?

The great news is you don’t need to be a sports fan or betting fanatic to sign up and use Profit Accumulator. Many of our members are not sports fans and had never placed a bet in their lives but that doesn’t stop them from making some tax-free cash.

Sign up here to our Black Friday Special 7 day trial for just £1 (usually £17.99) and you could earn up to £45.

For more info on what matched betting is, check out these articles:

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