Smarkets 0% Commission Extended!

Our partner Smarkets Betting Exchange have just announced that they’re going to extend their 0% commission offer for our members (again!).

Profit Accumulator members can now get 0% commission all the way until 31st July 2022! 

That’s at least 4 months to continue increasing our Matched Betting profits by substantial amounts!

Platinum and Diamond Members can follow the guide section “How to get the 0% commission at Smarkets” in this article to take advantage of this awesome offer.

Don’t have a Smarkets Betting Exchange account yet?

Don’t worry you can setup a Smarkets’ account in seconds right here.

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Have a Smarkets Betting Exchange account already and want 0% commission?

If you’d like access to 0% commission on all your bets at Smarkets then the first thing you need to do is join Profit Accumulator as a Platinum Member.

As a Platinum Member if you follow our guidance on how to make £1000 a month in our Forum, alongside taking advantage of this awesome Smarkets offer, covering our monthly subscription fee will be a walk in the park!

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How to get the 0% commission at Smarkets

Once you’re a Platinum (or Diamond) Member all you need to do is follow three simple steps to grab your 0% commission.

Step 1: You must opt in by entering your Smarkets email address at this link.

Step 2: You must then place a lay bet at Smarkets via Profit Accumulator using the integration feature on our Oddsmatching Tool.

This is done by clicking the small S next to the Smarkets logo for your chosen Matched Bet from the Oddsmatching Tool results.

A pop-up window will appear and you must then make sure that your Smarkets account is linked and that you are logged in. If successfully linked you will see the special 'Smarkets Integration Calculator' in this pop-up window.

You then need to complete an integrated bet by confirming the details of your Matched Bet, placing your back bet as you would normally at the bookmaker, and then by clicking the button LAY THE BET on the integration calculator. This button will automatically place your lay bet for you at Smarkets via Profit Accumulator.

If the integration bet is placed successfully, you will then activate your 0% commission. Smarkets normally email to confirm when you have successfully activated the 0% commission (this can sometimes take a while to come through after placing your integrated bet). You can also check if it's activated a few minutes after placing your integrated lay bet via your Smarkets account under the account menu section 'Trading Stats and Commissions'.

Step 3: To continue to be eligible for this offer, you must use the integration on the Oddsmatching Tool to lay a bet at Smarkets at least once every 30 days after opt-in.

You can see more information about how to use the integration on the Oddsmatching Tool here.


Key terms to know about this 0% commission offer

  • Both back and lay bets are included
  • There are no odds restrictions
  • Bets must be placed and settled within the promotional period
  • There are no betting restrictions in regard to ante-post markets, or withdrawal restrictions outside the normal Smarkets terms.
  • Customers who access Smarkets through any non-Profit Accumulator API or trading software will be ineligible for this offer.

Full Smarkets 0% terms available here.

Why this is an absolutely must do offer for our Platinum Members

A 0% commission at Smarkets instead of a 2% commission may not sound like very much but it absolutely is!

This small change it commission can massively increase our profits when Matched Betting, no matter if you’re placing just 10-20 matched bets a week or 100s of matched bets a week.

How does getting a 0% commission on a betting exchange help increase our profits when Matched Betting?

If we consider the Sky Bet weekly club reload offer, Bet £25 Get a £5 Free Bet, we can see very quickly how beneficial having 0% commission at Smarkets is to our Matched Betting profits.

For an average £25 Qualifying Bet on Sky Bet on a popular Premier League game we’d expect a qualifying loss of around £1 (especially if we were keen to keep our account healthy and make long-term profits at Sky Bet).


With 0% commission at Smarkets this £1 qualifying loss is reduced by 30p to just 70p.


We can take advantage of this reload offer every single week on Sky Bet. Over an entire year a 30p saving every single week works out to a total saving on our Matched Betting profits of £15.60.

(We're using a year as an example as many of us who have been Matched Betting for sometime already have already had access to this offer for at least a year now!).

The benefits don’t just stop there though; let’s consider how the 0% commission helps our profits on the Free Bet too.

Normally we’d try to aim for a 75-80% profit extraction from our free bet, which with a 2% commission would bag us around £3.75 in profit.


With a 0% commission we can make roughly 10p more with our free bet, so around £3.85.


Over the entire year 10p extra on our profits every single week works out to an extra £5.20 in profits for us.

Altogether this means using a 0% commission ONLY on the Sky Bet weekly club offer will get us around £20 in extra profits by the end of the year.

This is just an extra £20 from one single reload offer that’s available to us!

Multiply this now by the ton of reload offers we have available to us every week as members of Profit Accumulator and even those members who just have time to complete a few reload offers each week will easily be making an extra £150 to £200 a year in profits – and likely more!

Those spending a good deal of their time Matched Betting and regularly completing more advanced reload offers such as the 2up early payout offers, the horse racing refund offers and the horse racing extra place offers, will probably end up with at least £1000 a year in additional profits thanks to this Smarkets offer.

Long-story short is that this Smarkets 0% commission offer is awesome and definitely one not to be missed for anyone that is Matched Betting!


Need a helping hand with this offer?

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Our Facebook Group, which has over 40,000 members, is a great place to ask for help and ask questions, especially if you are new to Matched Betting or using the Smarkets 0% commission. Our community forum is also a great place to ask for help.

Alternatively you can also contact us directly for support too.

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