Social Media Users Give Their Verdict on the #FuckingWall

If you thought that the fall of the Berlin Wall almost three decades ago was a sign that the world was finally starting to say goodbye to oppressive walls, there's bad news. US President Donald Trump has signed executive orders for a wall to be built along the US-Mexico border - and insisted that Mexico will pay entirely for the project. A former Mexican president has reacted in pretty epic fashion...

That's the same Vicente Fox Quesada who was President of Mexico between 2000 and 2006. Considering that he has been one of Trump's most outspoken critics, particularly on Twitter, it's hardly surprising that he has reacted with disgruntlement to the insistence of the POTUS and White House spokesperson Sean Spicer that Mexico will reimburse the US for the wall's cost.

While many social media users have applauded Fox for hitting out at Trump in this manner, many expressed particular admiration of his choice of hashtag: #FuckingWall. It's not the kind of language you would usually expect an ex-President to use, and tweeters certainly ran with it.

A run-down of commentary on Twitter

Both Fox's stance and the hashtag itself attracted praise.

Even Fox's swearing could be excused... as, indeed, was made clear by the huge number of people who started using the hastag #FuckingWall. You'll see plenty more examples of them in this article.

The hashtag even provoked remarks from tweeters in other countries. The first of the two tweets below says, in French, that "Mexico is slightly pissed". Presumably, they meant to use the American word for being angry, rather than suggest that Fox is drunk. The second of these tweets suggests, in Spanish, that there should be "a T-shirt that says, 'I won't pay for the #FuckingWall'."

Of course, many people reacted with the serious political point that construction of the wall could drain millions of taxpayers' dollars that could be better spent on other things.

Also noted was the example of the aforementioned Berlin Wall and its negative repercussions.

However, many people couldn't resist a bit of humour. Well, it's a hashtag that in isolation, looks funny... but only in isolation. Trump has said that construction of the wall is expected to start in a few months - but what will it be made of? Here's one idea...

There were also some people who recognised the comedic value of puns on the phrase #FuckingWall. Just notice how some of your favourite songs, provided that each of them has at least one word that rhymes with "wall", show an entirely different character when you manage to crowbar #FuckingWall into their lyrics. Here are just two examples.

However, let's stop for a moment and think about what precedents both the phrase and the wall itself could set. There could be implications for every single household, and perhaps not just in America. Just look at the idea that the #FuckingWall has already given this woman.

Anyway, it looks like that former Mexican president has coined a new term more successfully than even he had probably predicted. We can see the term #FuckingWall persisting for a while - maybe it will even make it into history books a few decades from now?