Social Media’s Take on The #TrumpInauguration: The Good, The Bad and The Terrifying

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, and it's fair to say that he's divided the world enough, it's time to welcome - however warmly or coldly you'd like - the new President of the United States. Social media has certainly been doing plenty of that, while commenting on events running up to Trump's inauguration. Here are a few snippets - although they don't always make for pleasant reading...
Let's start, however, with some of the more positive sentiments. Trump has pledged often enough to "Make America Great Again", and many tweeters are confident that he will do that.

It's a good moment for photo opportunities too - and as if Trump's comb-over hasn't already attracted more than enough commentary, the man himself has posed for a few pictures in the run-up to the inauguration. Wife Melania has been very present along the way - including in one photo where she and her husband showed respect to one of his most esteemed predecessors.

Still, it did lead to some observers making unfavourable comparisons between Trump and Abraham Lincoln. How much in common do the two really have? We'll leave you to form your own judgement, but it's clear that not everyone thought Trump's presence at the Lincoln Memorial was apt - especially as he might even have been caught fibbing...

Also, accusations of racism continue to blight Trump's image. Furthermore, while it's a common and routine thing to compare current political leaders with those from history, especially when a leader is only just taking office, some historical comparisons can be disturbing - while, frankly, being too eye-opening for some people to resist drawing attention to.

Naturally, when a new leader takes over, it's a good time to look back at the record of the previous one. What's Obama's legacy? Actually, it might be too early to answer that. After all, we'll have to see the extent to which his reforms stand the test of time.
Tweeters had their own - mixed - opinions. Is Trump about to undo Obama’s good work or repair his damage? It depends who you ask.

Looking back at the election results, you only have to weigh up the number of votes for Trump and the number for Hillary to see that the US is deeply divided. In light of this, it shouldn't surprise many people that the inauguration has attracted protests before it even takes place - and those protests have taken a seriously ugly turn at times. Watch the following if you dare...

Nonetheless, maybe we should end this run-down of tweets like we began it: with a more optimistic frame of mind. We've tried to represent a broad spectrum of views in this article - but whether you like it or not, Trump is set to be President of the United States for the next four years and might even stay for another four years after that.
So yet again, we return to the subject of Abraham Lincoln, who once uttered the following words that many of Trump's supporters would likely be pleased to highlight.