£17,691 in Reload Profit for 2017!

As many of you know we run two threads that are updated daily with reload offers - the "how to make £1000 per month" thread and the "how to make £300 per month part-time" threads. We aim to post enough offers to hit those profit targets respectively.

2017 ended up being a great year for those targets and in turn a great year for any members who followed along with the threads. Our total profit in the £1000 per month thread was £17,691, and the total profit in the £300 per month thread was £6,652.85.

Here's our complete breakdown of both threads:

£1000 Per Month Thread

Total = £17,691.00

Top 5 Bookies;
Bet365 with 31.20% (£5,519.50)
Ladbrokes with 9.57% (£1,692.95)
Betfred/Totesport with 9.39% (£1,660.65)
Coral with 8.96% (£1,584.50)
William Hill with 7.39% (£1,307.75)

Top 3 Categories;
Price boosts with 37.38% (£6,612.50)
Racing lock-ins with 28.10% (£4,971.00)
Football reloads/Weekly clubs with 17.90% (£3,167.50)

Averaging £1,472.17 per month!


£300 Per Month Thread

Top 5 Bookies;
Bet365 with 17.13% (£1,139.50)
Ladbrokes with 14.58% (£970)
William Hill with 9.08% (£604)
Coral with 8.92% (£593.50)
Betfred/Totesport with 5.71% (£380)

Top 3 Categories;
Football reloads/Weekly clubs with 45.78% (£3,045.50)
Racing lock-ins with 16.78% (£1,116.50)
Racing reloads with 7.96% (£529.50)

Averaging £548 per month!


Who said matched betting was dead?

As you can see matched betting is still extremely profitable even if you've completed all the initial signup offers, and it will continue this way into 2018. So, why not give it a go now right at the start of the year and this time next year you could have earned thousands in tax-free cash!


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