What are the odds of winning Irish Lotto compared to the rest?

We all dream of what we might do if we won one of the massive lotto jackpots. Our lives would be instantly changed, of that there’s no doubt, although the odds of landing the biggest prizes are actually quite remote.

Nevertheless, “follow the odds” is a phrase you’ll often hear uttered by the most knowledgeable betting tipsters, who tend to look towards the best chances of actually winning, rather than the size of the prize itself. Essentially, it’s all about aiming for profitability, whether we’re talking about betting on the horses, football, or any of the leading lotto games around the world.

Statistics published for the UK Lotto show quite a variety of jackpot prizes. These range from the highest of £66,070,646 in January 2016, to the lowest at £1,903,798 in August 2017. While these are certainly big jackpot prizes at either end of the scale, at odds of 45,057,474 to one to land numbers in the draw, the chances of winning a jackpot prize are famously very slim.


So how does that compare with the Irish Lotto? Well, there’s a one in 10,737,573 chance of hitting the jackpot for six numbers, according to this Irish Lotto guide. Although the jackpot prizes are typically much lower, usually around the €1 million marks, the odds of winning are actually far higher when compared to the UK Lotto. Indeed, the chances of winning the Irish Lotto jackpot are almost 4.5 times better than the UK Lotto.

As for the EuroMillions draw, there’s no denying the continental lotto draw has produced some huge wins over the years. In October 2019, a report by Metro announced that a record £170 million prize had been claimed, by one lucky UK resident who preferred to remain anonymous. However, the odds against winning the EuroMillions jackpot are just as huge, estimated at one in 139,838,160 for drawing five numbers and the two Lucky Stars.

Insofar as record jackpots are concerned, there’s not a single lottery in the world that has matched the Powerball draw in the United States. As recently as October 2019, ABC 7 News revealed that one lucky individual from South Carolina won just over $1.5 billion, setting a world record for the single biggest lottery win of all time. Players stand a 1 in 292,201,338 chance of winning, which makes those enormous odds against.


What’s clear from the numbers above is that the bigger the lotto prize on offer, the more people will be playing. The more people who are playing, the higher the odds are stacked against you winning a jackpot prize. The top prize for the Irish Lotto is lower than others, however, we’re still talking about multiple millions and that’s more than enough to be life-changing.

Likewise, because the odds are so much more favourable, that’s why the Irish Lotto remains popular amongst people beyond the beautiful Emerald Isle; including players in the UK and elsewhere around the world.

When choosing which lotteries to play, always be aware of the odds and your chances to win something, whether that's the jackpot itself or any of the lesser prizes. As for the rest, well, cross your fingers and hope for the best, because one day, the "Luck of the Irish" might well be on your side!

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