Daily Strategy Guide To Matched Betting The Grand National & Aintree Festival 2022

There are going to be lots of profits up for grabs during the Grand National & Aintree Festival 2022.

Depending on whether you are new to Matched Betting or a bit more experienced will determine how you should approach this festival.

Strategy For Beginners 

(For members who are new to Matched Betting or still working through the signup offers)

If you’re quite new to Matched Betting it can be easy to get overwhelmed with what to do first. 

Don’t worry though as we’re here to help you!

Here's a useful strategy guide for how you could approach the festival:

  1. Do any and all Guaranteed Profit Offers first. Any easy Bet & Get offers, risk-free bets (refund if your horse loses) and direct free bets. ALWAYS get these done and dusted first whenever you can. The last thing you want to do is tie up all your liability doing Potential Profit offers first then realize you don't have enough to do a simple Guaranteed Profit Offer. TOP TIP - This page is a compilation of the top sports reload offers available for you each day. The Top Sports Reloads Of The Day are handpicked offers with a balance of simplicity and value. This is a great place for you to start if you are new to reload offers.
  2. Keep an eye on Price Boosts. Throughout the festival there will hopefully be numerous Price Boosts (enhanced odds) offers available which we can make a quick guaranteed profit from with very little effort.
  3. Tackle Horse Racing Refunds (a.k.a. ITV Horse Racing) that have the best chance of occurring. On each day of the festival, there will be a full list of these offers available under 'Horse Racing Refunds'. The top part of the list includes offers that give you a better chance of making a profit. Complete these first before doing anything else.

Strategy For More Experienced Members

(For members who have completed all signup offers and have moved on to and working on Reload offers)

    1. Complete all ‘set and forget’ offers first. Get started by working through the simple ‘set and forget’ offers first mentioned above for beginners. These can be done early in the morning to give you more time to focus on other offers during the day.
    2. If you've not ever done Extra Places before - tackle any remaining Horse Racing Refunds. If you still have liability remaining in your betting exchanges after completing all of the simpler offers, then you could consider also doing some of the refund offers that have a lower chance of occurring. (An example of such an offer would be £10 free bet if your horse finishes 2nd to the Starting Price (SP) favourite).
    3. If you are actively doing Extra Places - prioritise these offers throughout the day. To make the most out of Extra Place offers you do need to be around your computer and ready to catch the best odds to ensure you secure some great value bets. Keep a close eye on the Extra Place Catcher for good opportunities.
    4. If you have any spare time around Extra Places - tackle the lower value Horse Racing Refunds. If you still have some liability remaining in your betting exchange, then now is the time to get on those lower value horse racing refunds that are not as likely to trigger (2 above).

Got Questions About Matched Betting?

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