Earn money searching the web with Qmee

One of the easiest ways to make cash online is to earn money searching the web.

There are several services that allow users to earn while they surf and one of the market leaders is Qmee.

This Qmee review will look at how it works and how much you can make.

Qmee review - the simple solution

The beauty of Qmee is that it allows you to earn while you go about your everyday browsing. You just need to add the extension to your browser, and it tracks all your earnings as you surf.

You can earn real cash - rather than vouchers or points - and there is no minimum withdrawal amount. Just choose when you want to get your cash and get it paid into PayPal.

There are several ways to earn cash online with Qmee:

  1. By browsing the web
  2. By shopping online at certain sites
  3. By taking part in online surveys

Earn money searching the web with the Qmee browser extension

Qmee works in the background as you go about your every day business online. You just need to add the Qmee browser extension.

When you're browsing, the Qmee extension will occasionally pop up with suggestions relevant to your search, showing how much you will earn for clicking that particular link. If you follow the link, the amount is immediately added to your Qmee balance.

The rewards are just a few pence, but if you're online a lot, they can soon add up.

Qmee works in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Very old versions of your browser might not work, so you might want to consider getting up to date.

Qmee says: "There isn't a catch - you get more when shopping and searching online with Qmee. You earn cash when you search for what you want online by clicking and engaging on results related to brands you love.

"We provide you with the ability to discover new brands, compare pricing or secure money-saving coupons for products and services you want to purchase. Essentially, you're getting extra cash just for doing what you already do."

How to earn money searching the web with Qmee

The Qmee browser extension responds to your search engine query. So, after you've installed it, try searching, for example, "buy make-up" or buy mobile phones" and Qmee should pop up with suggested sites and an amount each click is worth.

Earn money searching the web


Qmee iPhone app

Customers can now earn money searching the web on their mobile and tablet devices thanks to the Qmee app.

The Qmee app is available on iTunes and Android Apps on Google Play.

Qmee and adblocker

One common question is "does Qmee work with adblocker installed?". The answer is yes. Qmee is designed to work as normal even when adblocker is running, which is great news as it means that you don't have to toggle between pausing and unpausing adblocker.

How does Qmee make money?

Qmee is essentially a sophisticated affiliate site - Qmee gets paid a commission when you make purchases via their portal. Companies also pay money to Qmee for information about your browsing habits and data from any surveys you complete.

Qmee says: "Qmee is your personal online shopping and saving companion that puts money back in your wallet!

As well as keyword search results with cash rewards you'll also see results in your Qmee sidebar that provide you with money saving coupons, and automatic price comparisons to help you save as much money as possible when shopping online.

"You don't have to go to different sites, Qmee works in the background and does all the hard work for you.

get paid for searching the web

"Qmee shoppers can also influence their favorite brands by sharing valued feedback to earn cash by participating in paid surveys. Share your thoughts now!

"Sign up and install the free Qmee Browser App and you’ll get cash and save money for shopping on your favorite sites and engaging with brands you love."

Is Qmee legit?

Qmee is a fully legal and legitimate operation which prides itself on its security and integrity. The use of PayPal means Qmee does not hold customers' financial information and Qmee promises not to share data with third parties.

How quickly does Qmee pay out?

Usually very. PayPal means the money goes into your account within a few minutes of requesting the withdrawal or, if you choose charity donation, the charity will be credited within a similar timeframe.

And remember - there is no minimum withdrawal amount. You take your cash whenever you choose.