SellTo Review 2017 – Make Money Selling Your Old Video Games

We all have old video games lying around that we haven't played for ages, or maybe we've recently finished a game and no longer have the desire to play it. That's where SellTo come in - they let you send them your old games for free and then give you cash in return. It's the best way to trade in your old and unwanted games for money, and the big plus is that you get more money for them than you would trading them into your regular stores (even more money too if you opt for GameSeek credit!).


How It Works

It's super simple to use, simply enter the game title or barcode (or use their experimental barcode scanner) on their website. They'll give you an instant price for the game - if you're happy with it you can go ahead and get your postage label generated. Then simply send the game in and they'll deposit your cash in return.

There's a minimum order total of £15 which means if you have older games from a previous generation of console then you may need to trade a few in before you can generate your shipping label.


Here's an example of how it works:

  1. Type the name of the game (or barcode) into their search box

2. Select what platform the game is on - in this example it's PS4, which SellTo will pay £12 for.

3. Once your basket total is over £15 simply hit "checkout".


Price Comparisons With Our Trade-In Shops

There are multiple places where you can trade your games in, but the question is which one gives you the most money for your old games? Here's a comparison of a few popular games of recent years across the main players in the trade-in world - just to see which one gives the most bang for your buck:

Fifa 17 on Xbox One - SellTo: £12, GAME: £1, CEX: £0.60

CoD Infinite Warfare on PS4 - SellTo: £2.99, GAME: £1.50, CEX: £2

Minecraft on Xbox 360 & PS4 - SellTo: £3, GAME: £4.90, CEX: £6

As you can see on all but one game SellTo smash their rivals when it comes to trade in price.


SellTo's Story

SellTo launched in 2014 and have quickly became one of the biggest players in the trade-in market. Their mission is to help their customers sell their old and unwanted video games in the easiest way possible, as well as for the most profit.


Worth It?

We definitely recommend giving SellTo a try. Statistics show that there are over 40 million gamers within the UK alone - that should add up to a lot of old games lying around! If you have any sitting in your room, gathering dust then jump onto SellTo and get a price for them. Even if you're only getting £20-£30, it's better than nothing, and it also means someone else will get to love the game all over again.

The real benefit with SellTo comes with the ease in which you can trade your games in. It really is only a few clicks and it has the added bonus of you not having to leave the house!