Smarkets is the Best Exchange for Matched Betting – Here’s Why

Even a brief scan of our members' stories, or Facebook Matched Betting Support Group, will show you which betting exchange comes out on top for Matched Betting - Smarkets.

Why is Smarkets considered by so many at Profit Accumulator to be the absolute best betting exchange for Matched Betting?

There are lots of reasons, but here are our top 10. 

Top 10 Reasons Why Smarkets is the Best Matched Betting Exchange

1. 0% Commission Offer for Profit Accumulator Members

Using a 0% betting exchange commission right from the very start of your Matched Betting journey will make you more money over the long run.


It’s very simple.

0% commission will save you money on every Qualifying Bet you do AND give you more profit on every Free Bet you do.

Using just 2 of the 100s of regular reload offers we have available for Matched Betting, here’s a very basic example of the big difference having a 0% betting exchange commission can make to your Matched Betting profits over the space of a single year.

Example Matched Betting Reload Offers and Typical Matched Bets

Qualifying Loss and Free Bet Profit Extraction by Betting Exchange Commission Percentage

Bet Type

Odds Match

Total Staked Over 1 Year

Other 5%

Smarkets Regular 2%

Smarkets Special 0%

Sky Bet Weekly Club

Qualifying Bet 

2.0 back 2.04 lay

= £1300




Free Bet

5.0 back 5.2 lay

= £260




Hollywood Bet Weekly Club

Qualifying Bet 

2.0 back 2.04 lay

= £2600




Free Bet

5.0 back 5.2 lay

= £520









Over one year doing only 2 reload offers, 0% commission can roughly put £50-£100 extra profit in your back pocket compared to having 2% or 5% commission.

Imagine what difference 0% commission will make to you when you multiply that up by all the hundreds of reloads we have available at Profit Accumulator every year? Pretty big bucks. 

New to Matched Betting? Get 0% commission with Smarkets Betting Exchange for your first 60 days!

Get 0% at Smarkets Betting Exchange with Profit Accumulator for Matched Betting

For our more experienced members placing large stakes on advanced Matched Betting offers such as the Football 2up Offer and Horse Racing Extra Places - the 0% commission becomes even more vital to have.

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2. Extremely Easy to Use

You know that saying, "it fits like a glove" - that’s how Smarkets Betting Exchange feels when it comes to Matched Betting.

Smarkets is SO easy to use no matter what your Matched Betting level or experience.

Take the search bar - at the top of their site. Not only is it super obvious but it's also super simple to use. In seconds you can find exactly the game, race or other event you need. Relevant results also instantly appear in a drop down menu so you can get where you need to fast.

The layout and navigation is also really clear. Smarkets have made it very easy to place your lay bets and to track both your bets and balance. Wherever you navigate on their exchange, the most important information you need is always available with a quick glance.

At Profit Accumulator, as you can imagine - we spend a TON of time on a huge number of betting websites (over 60 bookies to be exact) - hunting for offers, checking odds, and placing Matched Bets. You can be fairly certain then that we know good, user-friendly betting sites from the bad. Smarkets, for the vast majority of our team, is ranked very highly - if not first for many of us, for ease of use.

3. Smart Accumulator Lay Feature

Profit Accumulator is designed by Matched Bettors, for Matched Bettors and we honestly have to say the Smarkets Lay Acca feature could easily fit into that description too!

From a Matched Betting perspective it’s truly brilliant - especially if you’re a person who hasn’t got much time on their hands for profiting from Matched Betting.

Within a few clicks - there’s pretty much whatever accumulator you want made up and ready to lay.

One of the biggest benefits this feature gave to Matched Bettors was the ability to easily lay off double/treble horse racing and football price boost offers - literally in seconds, and all with just our basic Matched Betting calculator.

Price boosts - and boosted accumulator offers especially - form a significant part of the profits available through Matched Betting every year. The Smarkets Lay Acca feature has arguably enabled us to get on more such boosts than we ever could before it for minimal effort.

Read more: The Smarkets Betting Exchange 'Lay Accumulator' Feature


4. Lay Bet Integration with the Profit Accumulator Oddsmatching Tool

Matched Betting is considered to be the best way to make money on the side around a full-time job - because it is relatively simple and efficient. You get very good returns for the time you put in.

Those returns can be taken up a notch if you choose to use the Smarkets Betting Exchange integration feature on our Oddsmatching Tool. This feature allows you to place your lay bets at Smarkets directly on the Profit Accumulator website - which makes your Matched Betting faster than ever.

You can certainly get more bets per done per hour with this feature than without. More bets done, means more offers done and more money in your pocket.

Smarkets understand Matched Betting. Particularly how speed and accuracy can enhance Matched Betting profits. This is why they were happy to provide the integrated lay bet placement.

Read more: Betting Exchange Integration with the Profit Accumulator Oddsmatcher Tool


5. Low Lay Odds Levels (Prices)

As Smarkets has become a very popular exchange for sports trading in recent years (mainly because of their low standard commission rate of 2%), this meant it quickly became a very popular exchange for Matched Betting too.

In Matched Betting we depend on having good value lay odds available. That is lay odds that are as close to the back odds at the bookmakers as possible. More and more sports traders being active on betting exchange markets can usually help shift market odds in the direction we need in Matched Betting to achieve smaller Qualifying Losses and larger profit extractions from Free Bets.

Smarkets' growing popularity in sports trading therefore has caused it to grow in popularity for Matched Betting as it can consistently makes their lay odds some of the lowest available. 

6. Plenty of Sport and Betting Market Options

Smarkets have pretty much all the sport and betting market options we need for Matched Betting. They frequently add more but have obviously made the decision to be semi-selective so as not to compromise on ease of site use for their customers.

Quality over quantity!

7. Sleek Mobile App

Quite a substantial number of our members now do Matched Betting regularly from their mobile phones and the Smarkets Mobile App definitely helps them to do so. 

The Smarkets Betting Exchange Mobile App, just like their desktop site is extremely user friendly, easy to navigate and place bets on. 

If you’re one for mobile Matched Betting, the Smarkets App is a must have.

8. High Liquidity

Smarkets has plenty of liquidity available for Matched Betting in most sports and markets. Available liquidity will also only increase the more popular Smarkets Betting Exchange becomes with sports traders.

High enough liquidity in Matched Betting is important and without it we can’t place our lay bets successfully.

9. Easy & Fast Deposits (and Withdrawals)

In Matched Betting there’s nothing more frustrating than a really good offer popping up only for you to realise you’re out of funds (liability) in your betting exchange account to place another bet.

Smarkets have made depositing easy to do and fast - both on their desktop website and mobile application.

Additionally their withdrawal process is relatively fast too - which is very useful for those with smaller Matched Betting bankrolls who may need to move some money from Smarkets in order to proceed with the next bookmaker offer. 


10. Help Centre, Customer Support and Community

No bookmaker or betting exchange anywhere has the world-class expert support we strive for at Profit Accumulator. 

Bookies are actually known for being pretty poor when it comes to their customer service in fact. 


Smarkets, as ‘betting related’ websites go are far better than most when it comes to customer service and community support. They even have a dedicated Help Centre (again, not anywhere near the level of our Help Desk) but it’s pretty good and easy to use.

In summary

Just in case you missed it…

Smarkets Betting Exchange - hand’s down appears to be the best betting exchange for Matched Betting.

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You'll get 0% commission for 60 days right from the get go using the promocode recommended. Then after that you want to follow this guide to keep getting 0% commission when it's available. 

Get 0% at Smarkets Betting Exchange with Profit Accumulator for Matched Betting

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