Bet365 in-play offer: How to Get the Full £50 Free In-Play Bet

Bet365 are running one of our all time favourite offers this evening – Bet £50 and Get a £50 Free In-play Bet on the Champions League game between PSG and Manchester United.

This is such an easy offer from which we can make around £30+ in quick profit from if we receive the full £50 offer –you can see how here - but sadly not everyone always gets the full £50.

Some get £25, others just £10 or even £5, and a few don’t get the offer at all!

Why is this?

And more there anything we can do to change it?

Well possibly - let’s see...

Why aren’t you getting the £50 in-play offer from Bet365?

If you’re not receiving any offer from Bet365 it’s likely for one of two reasons:

  • You’re gubbed and no longer receive promotional offers from Bet365. You likely would have received some kind of email from Bet365 telling you this. Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do in this situation to get the in-play offer back. It is however not the end of your Matched Betting career on Bet365, as you may still be able to profit from doing Horse Racing Extra Place Offers.
  • You have not been ‘mug betting’ with them frequently enough so they’ve decided you don’t ‘deserve’ the offer! The good news is in this instance is that you can turn this around – see how in the next section!

If you’re receiving the offer from Bet365 but are only getting £25 or less to play with it’s likely because you are not ‘mug betting’ enough with them frequently enough – so you’re being given the amount they feel that you ‘deserve’!

How to get the full £50 in-play offer back from Bet365

Long-story short is that it appears, at this moment in time anyway, that you need to do more ‘mug betting’ with at least £50 stakes if you want to get the offer back and/or increase the amount of the offer you are receiving from Bet365.

(For those that don’t know a ‘mug bet’ is exactly the same as a ‘qualifying bet’ in matched betting – but it is not associated with any offer or free bet. They incur a small loss just like a standard qualifying bet does and are usually done by experienced Matched Bettors to keep their accounts healthy and prevent them from being gubbed).

How much ‘mug betting’ do you need to do though?

There’s no way we can be absolutely certain or guarantee any of this but anecdotal evidence from our team and experienced members has suggested roughly 10 ‘mug bets’ using £50 stakes over the course of a single month can bag you the full £50 offer back. This seems to be the case if you’ve not got the offer at all or if you’ve been getting a reduced version of the offer.

If you opted to use £100 'mug bet' stakes you might not have to place as many - but we weren't able to test that scenario out too.

While doing this many ‘mug bets’ may seem like quite a lot it’s really not - if you do them as ‘qualifying bets’ for Bet365’s 2up early-payout offer or for Bet 365's Bore Draw Offer. You should be doing this whenever possible as then you could end up having your cake and eating it too! 🙂

To find the smallest qualifying losses for your 2up bets on Bet365 you can use the Quick Filter on our Oddsmatching Tool and select ‘Bet365 Football 2up’ or follow advice in our guide on setting up your own Oddsmatcher filters.

Does it have to be £50 stakes?

Again, we can’t be absolutely certain on this but it seems to be the case if you want the full £50 offer.

If you are still quite new to Matched Betting you could consider instead using small stakes – say of £25, until you build up your bankroll enough to use £50 stakes on a regular basis at Bet365. Using £25 stakes will hopefully bag you at least the Bet £25 Get £25 Free In-play version of the offer.

Do you have to keep up this ‘mug betting’?

Since the 17th January this year Bet365 have so far run their Bet £50 Get £50 In-play offer 12 times – which means there’s been £600 in free bets up for grabs or roughly £420’s worth of profit (based on a 70% extraction due to the free bets being used in-play).

We’re going to make the assumption that to keep the offer coming in full every time you have to keep regularly ‘mug betting’ on Bet365. If you’re doing the 2up early payout offer or the Bore Draw offer on a regular basis this isn’t difficult to do – if you’re not though you may have to test just how few ‘mug bets’ you can get away with every 4 to 6 weeks in order to maintain the offer at the full £50 amount.  Hopefully it’s just 2 or 3 – but it may be a bit more. You’ll know it’s not been enough when the offer either reduces or they stop sending it to you!

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