Bet365 risk-free bet and Bet365 free inplay bets popular with matched bettors

The regular Bet365 risk-free bet and Bet365 free inplay bet have made the bookie arguably the most popular brand with matched bettors.

Matched betting involves using free bet offers to earn a profit, placing opposite bets to neautralise risk. Offers such as free sports bet no deposit and weekly free bets are used to generate regular guaranteed profits, risk free.

Among the most profitable is the Bet365 risk-free bet and the Bet365 free inplay bet.

In April 2017, for example, Bet365 repeated their Grand National each-way offer, which Profit Accumulator members were able to use to generate at least £80 in guaranteed profit.

The Bet365 free inplay bet is another popular regular offer that matched bettors capitalise on. This usually takes the form of "place £50 pre-match and place £50 inplay - get your stake back".

PA members generate a profit of about £35 from this offer.

While weekly free bets such as the SkyBet Club and free sports bet no deposit offers are great ways of keeping the profit ticking over, the Bet365 free inplay offer and risk-free bets are a nice bonus every now and then.

Profit Accumulator's team of matched betting experts flag these offers up whenever they become available and show members exactly how to generate profit from each one.

Popular on mobile

Bet365's mobile app is also popular among PA members.

We asked members to name their favourite apps on mobile and tablet and here's what a few had to say.

JWestwood1987: Sky, BetFair and 365 are way ahead of the rest. Paddy's isn't too bad. But Smarkets is God-awful and I refuse to use it on my phone. Most of the others are poor.

Doggsley: Ladbrokes and Hills by far - it's always an easy experience! Fast load screens and everything is laid out in a logical manner. All the markets are easy to find. Paddy's is good, too, although I don't use it as much. Oh and Betfair Exchange is decent, used the cashout facility for the first time last night and it was really quick! Everyone should avoid Betfred's app, it's horrendous!

luis88: For me Wills, Paddy and Bet365 are the best. All very fast, easy to login with Touch ID. Can find the bets I need in a relatively short space of time and always know where to look. Apps like Betfred and Ladbrokes are terrible in my opinion, if there is a price boost, I have no idea what section to go to, especially for Betfred, which has 5+ 'special' sections that could contain the boost! Smarkets new iOS app is OK, I think, although can be confusing to understand if a bet has matched or not in-play.

bcfc3105: 365 imo easy for in-plays and can watch loads of games live.