Make The Most Out Of Cheltenham Around Your Full-Time Job

Are you working during this year’s Cheltenham Festival?

You may be worried about missing out on the most profitable time of the year for Matched Betting.

Many of our members are in the same position.

Each year we see members with 9-5 jobs and busy family lives making healthy profits from Cheltenham.

How much can you make Matched Betting whilst working full time during Cheltenham Festival examples

You too can make some great profits during Cheltenham by following the steps below.


How To Make Money Matched Betting Cheltenham Whilst Working 

Preparation – Get Organised Before Each Day

The Cheltenham Festival 2022 will take place from Tuesday 15th March until Friday 18th March.

You will want to highlight these dates on your calendar!

Cheltenham 2022 Festival Dates For Your Calendar

If you are unable to place bets through the day, it is important to check the Cheltenham Festival Offer Summary the night before each race day. (Note - this special link be live from approx. Tuesday 8th March. We recommend saving it as a favourite on your browser for easy reference.)

You can write down a list of offers you are able to complete either the night before, in the morning or on your commute.


Prioritise – Focus On Your Most Profitable Offers First

To maximise your profits it makes sense to focus on the best offers available to you first.  These are the offers you can do that will put you in profit before any races are even run that day. Such offers include completely Free Bets, Bet & Get Offers, Money Back as Cash if you Lose Offers and Price Boosts.

You can do all of these types of offers around your job and in many cases you will be able to lock in some profit before you even start work for the day!


Completely Free Bets

It is not uncommon for several of the big UK bookies to hand you completely free bets during Cheltenham.

If you follow our Matched Betting guides, these free bets are then essentially them giving you free money!

As well as checking the special Cheltenham Festival Offer Summary for these freebies, we'd also recommend you regularly check your email and the Offers Posted By Members section on the forum too.  


Bet and Get Offers

You will notice some bookmakers will offer simple bet and get offers.

An example would be bet £10 on the first race of the day and get a £10 free bet.

Depending on the terms of the offer you may be able to place your Qualifying Bet for such offers the evening before. If you're working during the day and the terms allow you to place your bets the evening before, we'd recommend doing so. It will free your time on race day mornings to focus on offers that can only be done the day of the race and on any last minute offers that popup.


Money Back as Cash if you Lose Offers

Money Back as Cash if you Lose

By following our guides and using our Matched Betting Calculator it is possible to make a profit from these types of offer no matter if the horse you bet on goes on to win the race or not.

Platinum and Diamond Members can watch a video example of how to profit from this type of offer here.


Price Boost (Enhanced Odds) Offers

Price boosts, or enhanced odds offers, are simple and very quick to do.

During Cheltenham the bookies will likely be pushing very competitive odds and hopefully many special price boosts.

If you are a Platinum or Diamond member you can follow our Price Boost thread in the forum and enable mobile notifications to be informed whenever a profitable boost is available!

This will potentially give you plenty of opportunities to lock in profit on each of the four days during Cheltenham - even if you're working.

For example, during Cheltenham 2021 several very good price boosts popped up during the evening for races the following day.

Cheltenham 2021 Price Boost Examples


Following the forum once you get home from work can therefore end up really paying off.

A smaller Matched Betting bankroll last year could have netted you £9.61 profit from the 3 boosts shared above. If you had larger bankroll, and used the full stake amounts quoted, you could have bagged £48.22 profit for a few minutes 'Matched Betting work' in the evening.

Hopefully the Price Boosts during Cheltenham this year will be just as profitable and also available around your working hours.


Next – Jump On Every Horse Racing 'Refund If' Offer Your Bankroll Allows!

Horse Racing money back offers are a simple and effective way for you to potentially boost your Cheltenham profits even further.

You will likely be able to do these types of offers on all four days of the Cheltenham Festival on several different races, across several different bookmakers.

If you've already done the quick profit offers above and worried you're running low on bankroll to do these offers too, then be sure to take advantage of shared liability anytime you can. You will be surprised how many more offers you can get on by being savvy with liability sharing on your lay bets.

The main horse racing 'refund if' offers to keep an eye out for are:

  • Get a Free Bet if a certain horse wins and your bet loses.
  • Cash Back or Free Bet if your horse finishes 2nd/3rd or similar.

Many of these offers will be announced the day before the races they are on or on the morning of the race the offer is on. Getting up just 20-30 minutes earlier in the morning to check for these offers before work could therefore really end up boosting your profits.

Again, if you're organized and have the special Cheltenham Festival Offer Summary page at the ready you will easily be able to see new offers being added by the Profit Accumulator team nearly as soon as the bookies announce them. You can also consider following the PA Offers Team in the forum if you want to be certain of not missing any offer.



Is It Worth Trying To Do Horse Racing Extra Places (EPs) Whilst Working?

Extra Place offers are by far the most profitable opportunity during Cheltenham.

However, to really make the most out of Extra Place offers, or 'EPs', you absolutely need:

  • to be around your computer and ready to catch the best odds matches;
  • to have practice and experience doing Extra Place offers and each-way bets on horses;
  • to have a pretty decent sized Matched Betting bankroll.

This can obviously be difficult if you are at work throughout the day.

It will be much more practical for you to prioritise the offers mentioned above - like our member Sam did during Cheltenham 2021. (You can read Sam's full post here.)

Sam stating how much made during Cheltenham whilst working

That being said, if you have any spare time, as well as the experience and bankroll,  then it will like be very worth your while looking for any Extra Place opportunities to bet on in and around your working hours.

These members in the forum reported an exceptional first day from Extra Places during Cheltenham 2021.

Example Extra Place Profits Cheltenham 2021

If you check the terms and conditions for Extra Places offers during Cheltenham there may be opportunities to place your bets the evening before the races as well.


Can It Really Be Worthwhile Using Your Holiday Time For Cheltenham?

Up until a point, the more time you spend Matched Betting the more you can tend to make. 

However, before you book anytime off work the questions to first ask yourself might be:

Are you an experienced Matched Bettor with a very decent sized bankroll and lots of healthy accounts?

Are you very comfortable doing Extra Places and fully understand how they work? (i.e. that they are a +EV potential profit offer)

If your answer is a firm yes to both questions above, then it is possible that you may want to consider booking at least a little time off work during the Cheltenham Festival. Although of course, we can never guarantee it will be worth your while, you should have good opportunities to make some very good profits during the festival.

Our how much money can you make during Cheltenham article could provide some useful insights on what other members have achieved in the past.

The decision ultimately rests with you. It is 100% a personal choice and will definitely not be an option for everyone.

We would always note at this point that Matched Betting is ultimately considered only to be a way to boost your income and not a replacement for a full-time job.


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