Full Guide to Matched Betting for Anyone Living Outside the UK

So, you found out that matched betting is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online and started learning about what it is, how it works and how much money you can make. Just as you were all ready to get started, a thought then suddenly hit you - “Oh no! Is matched betting only for people living in the UK?!”

(UK citizen or resident living abroad? This post is for non-UK citizens. Guidance for you it’s on its way soon!)

In this full guide we’ll answer your question by looking at which countries you are able to do online gambling in, which countries you are able to use a betting exchange in, which countries you are able to do matched betting in directly and which bookmakers and casinos are open to an international audience, or non-UK residents, and are suitable for matched betting. Finally we’ll consider how our tools and resources can still benefit you even if you are matched betting outside the UK.

Let’s get started.

Step 1 – Check if online gambling is legal in your country

If you’re outside the UK and thinking about starting matched betting the very first thing you need to check is if online gambling is legal in your country. Although matched betting is not gambling, it does require the use of online bookmaker and betting exchange websites – so it needs to be legal for you to use these sites where you are if you want to do matched betting.

If it’s not legal where you are then we’re sorry but you need to look for alternative ways to make money online instead – one good way for you to do this would be becoming an affiliate partner of Profit Accumulator. In this case you could make money by helping us get more people in the UK and other countries matched betting instead!

How can you find out if online gambling is legal where you live?

A quick Google search will probably tell you all you need to know in most cases. For any information you find it’s worth checking that it is the most up to date available though as laws can obviously change. If you can’t find a definite answer, play is safe and assume it’s not legal.

Step 2 – Check if you are able to use a betting exchange in your country

In their terms and conditions Smarkets Betting Exchange list some (not all!) of the countries that persons resident of, or persons located in, are not allowed to use their services in. At the time of writing, these prohibited countries included Australia, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland, China, South Africa, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, Turkey, the United States, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Betfair Exchange, although it does restrict persons resident of, or located in, some countries, it does not list the countries specifically.

For both these key matched betting exchanges, to be absolutely certain if you can use their services, the best thing to do is go to their website and check with their customer services if you are eligible to place bets with them or not. With Betfair Exchange you may instantly be able to tell as a page might appear informing you that you’re not eligible to use their services.


BetDaq are also another potential betting exchange option to consider.

What can you do if you can’t access a betting exchange? Can you still profit from matched betting?

The answer is yes, if you have access to international or local bookmakers, you could still make money through betting strategies such as dutching or sports arbitrage betting (or arbing) – both of which are strategies that we use in matched betting as well. At Profit Accumulator we have tools and resources to help you with both betting strategies including a dutching calculator, dutching oddsmatching software, and arbitrage guides.

On top of these betting strategies you can also consider matched betting casino offers too – which has become a very profitable source of income for many of our members.

Step 3 – Check if there are bookmakers available for you to use with promotional offers for matched betting

You may be able to access bookmakers that are based in your own country, or bookmakers that are based abroad (international bookies), or even both.

Here we take a look at internationally operating bookmakers, starting with Bet365.

Bet365 – A Truly Worldwide Bookmaker Perfect for Matched Betting

At the time of writing Bet365 has a betting license in more than 40 countries worldwide. On top of this they are also accessible to customers from numerous other countries – which makes them the number one bookmaker to check for anyone wanting to do matched betting from outside the UK.

If you can’t access Bet365, or are not eligible to receive promotions on Bet365, then unfortunately it’s very likely that you also then won’t be able to access any of the other major international bookmakers online as well. If this is the case matched betting, dutching, arbitrage and similar betting strategies that rely on sports betting will sadly not be available to you.

If you can access Bet365 and are eligible to receive promotional offers and bonuses from them, then which other worldwide bookmakers could you also possibly use for matched betting?

  • William Hill
  • Coral
  • 888 Sport
  • Ladbrokes
  • Paddy Power
  • BetVictor

All of these bookmakers are fantastic for make money from matched betting in the UK, and are therefore likely good for those matched betting from outside the UK too. Remember, if you are eligible to use their services that you also need to check if you are eligible to receive promotional offers too. Although matched betting without free bets and similar offers is possible and very profitable, getting started is much simpler when you have free bets to take advantage of.

Information on Matched Betting outside the UK by country

As matched betting has grown in the UK over the last 10 years or so, awareness of it as a way to make money online has also subsequently grown outside the UK too. Although it’s impossible for us to cover every country in detail here, and is why we provided the step-by-step help guide above, we briefly consider several counties in more detail below.

Matched Betting in Ireland

With matched betting the ‘luck o’ the Irish’ certainly rings true, as matched betting in Ireland is just as profitable and easy to do as it is in the UK. The vast majority of UK bookmakers are accessible in Ireland, as too are their promotions. What’s more, a few of the bookmakers have welcome offers for Irish customers that are more profitable for matched betting than the offers they give to their UK customers.

At Profit Accumulator we provide guides on all Ireland-only welcome offers in addition to our guides on the offers open to both UK and Irish customers. We do the same with reload offers too to ensure our members in Ireland never miss an opportunity to profit.

If you’re based in Ireland and interested in getting started matched betting then you can sign up to our free trial and make yourself a quick £40+.

Matched Betting in India

In 2019 Betfair Exchange opted to close its services in India, making matched betting on sports offers nigh on impossible to do there now.

Dutching and arbitrage betting could be an alternative option to consider with access to some of the international bookmakers mentioned above.

Indian online casino gaming has become very popular in recent years and there may now also be opportunities to profit from matched betting casino offers. The casino simulator on Bonus Accumulator could be useful in such cases for establishing if an offer has positive expected value or not.

Matched Betting in the USA

Sports betting became legal in the US in May 2018 – but due to the US legal system you first need to check the status of sports betting in your individual state to see if it’s legal where you live. At the time of writing matched betting is not possible in any of the states – but is expected to be available in some form or another by 2021.

So, watch this space basically!

Matched Betting in Canada

As with the US, the first thing you need to o is check the legal status of sports betting in your individual state. However, there are lots of Canadian bookmakers, such as Sports Interaction, Bodog, and Pinnacle Sports – all of whom appear to run promotions and offers that are suitable for matched betting. It’s likely in coming years that the number of Canadian bookmakers is only going to grow. With more intense competition come more promotional offers and more opportunities to profit through matched betting.

Matched Betting Outside the UK – How you can benefit from having Profit Accumulator

If you have access to the majority of the international bookmakers (Bet365, William Hill etc.), their promotional offers and a betting exchange we will definitely be able to help you make money quickly and easily with matched betting as you will be able to use pretty much all of our tools – including our Oddsmatching software and all of our matched betting calculators.

If you have access to the international bookmakers but not the betting exchanges we can also help you by providing guidance on betting strategies such as dutching and arbitrage betting (or arbing).

If you can’t do matched betting in any shape or form the last way we could help you is by encouraging you to consider becoming an affiliate of Profit Accumulator. You’ll basically get paid for getting members in the UK and other countries who are able to do matched betting to sign up to our services . If you learn affiliate marketing properly it can be just as lucrative as matched betting is itself!

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