Helpful Tips | Identifying worthwhile offers

Many of our members begin their time with us having never touched a bookies website or gambled in any way before.

As a mentoring website, we try to bring you as much information as possible on the worthwhile offers currently available and put them up in your members area so that you don't need to go elsewhere to find the information.

The way that bookies draw you in with their regular attractive looking offers and new games can be deceptive so easily misunderstood if you're new to these types of websites. The 'best' of their offers will often come straight to your inbox or mobile phone.

When you first start Matched Betting, it's easy to look at everything as a money making opportunity, but hidden limitations and wagering requirements can sometimes lead to you losing your hard earned cash.

This is how bookmakers make their money, and this is exactly what we're fighting against!

One of the videos by Sam in your members area is called Understanding Value. He talks about why some of these might not be worth risking and why others might just earn you a bonus! It's a simple matter of maths.

An advantage to being on the Platinum forum is that you also have access to our 'Is this offer worth doing?' thread, wherein you have the opportunity to post the offer if you're unsure of its value.

If you're not yet a member of the forums and you are a Platinum member, please follow the instructions on the Using Facebook thread to gain access.

Remember that you can opt out of email and text promotions from the betting websites by going into your settings on your accounts. There will also be an 'unsubscribe' button at the bottom of each email you receive from them which will allow you to do the same.