How fast can you make your first £1000 Matched Betting? Here are the stats.

We already all know that Matched Betting is NOT any kind of get rich quick scheme or some-kind of way to a massive instant fortune. It is instead an extremely good and very flexible way of making some extra, and regular money online, from your sofa at home. It has the added benefit that it can also be quite good fun - especially when you're a part of our massive Profit Accumulator Matched Betting community.

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What many beginners to Matched Betting, or those looking for what really is the best way to make money online, often want to know though is how quickly they can make their first £1000?


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Well, as you can see from all the above, thanks to our brilliant community, who LOVE to share and celebrate their progress in between helping one another constantly make more money, we can now give you a very good idea of how long it will take you to hit your first grand in profit!

The £1K Profit Club - the very first milestone in Matched Betting

Setting clear goals is super important if you want to be successful in any activity - and Matched Betting is no different. In the Profit Accumulator community forum we have a range of Profit Clubs for our members to target.

The first is the the £1K Profit Club.

(Existing Platinum and Diamond members can view the £1K Profit Club in the forum here).

Then from there you've got the £3K Club, the £5K Club and so on all the way up until the £100K Club,  and then some too!

Using the information from our members who have celebrated hitting their first £1000 in profit in this club we can get an extremely good estimate of how long it could take you to make your first £1000 Matched Betting with us too.

58 Days - average time to make first £1,000 with Matched Betting

From a survey of 175 of the most recent member posts in the £1K Profit Club, the average time taken to make the first £1000 in profit from Matched Betting was only 58 days.

This is basically the equivalent of just 2 months. That's pretty impressive!

Imagine having an extra grand in your bank account within the next 2 months for a couple hours 'work' a week on your computer. It's certainly not something many people would turn their nose up at getting hold of.

How long does it take to make £1000 with Matched Betting

The fastest reported time to hit the first £1000 in profit was just 11 days!

Not one, but two members of the 175 that posted their progress managed their first £1000 in this short space of time.

Another 6 members took between 12-14 days to hit the target - which is still extremely fast.


This really shows what can be achieved with Matched Betting when you really dive in to it, have a decent starting bankroll and likely a fair bit of spare time too. (Some of their profits may have also come from completing a few Matched Betting casino offers via our Diamond Membership plan - especially if they hit a decent jackpot - so this is worth bearing in mind too. The potential to hit big jackpots is one of many reasons why we all love to take advantage of casino bonuses.)

Most of the longer times reported by the members to hit their first £1000 in profit were between 2 and a half months to 5 months.

5 of the 175  members (or just 2.85%) took between 6-7 months.

Although this may sound like quite a long-time - all the members who took this long were still really chuffed to bits at hitting their first grand - usually because they'd been Matched Betting very VERY part-time, or on and off throughout those months when ever they had chance to. Having an extra £1K in the back-pocket for very little effort is arguably always worth it!


Why is there so much variation in how long it takes to hit £1K?

The reasons behind the variation have been touched on above already, but it is mainly down to how much time people have spare to fit Matched Betting in around their daily lives, but can also be influenced by how much people started with in their initial bankrolls.

Our member 'Welshmonkey', who took 73 days to make their first £1000 with Matched Betting, provides a useful insight on these factors.

Welshmonkey started with £70 and took 73 days to make their first £1000 profit Matched Betting

On our 'Meet the Members' section of our blog here you can get a really great idea of how time spent, starting bankroll size and similar factors can influence how much you can make.

Time to make your first £1000 vs cost of your membership. It's a no brainer!

The services we provide you with at Profit Accumulator are, in all honesty, extremely good value for money based on what you can make. Extremely good value.

Our member Neil has done Matched Betting with us only 1-2 hours a week, very on and off, since January 2017 and has made over £7,000 in profit. He aims to average £150/month (or £1800/year) completely in his spare time when he fancies doing it. You can read his story here.

The 'Worst' Case Scenario

If you have even less spare time than Neil available each week and took an entire year to make your first £1000 in profit, factoring in the cost of your monthly Platinum membership at Profit Accumulator (£24.99 at the time of writing) you would be up £700 overall and would have made a return on your investment (ROI) of 233%.

Matched Betting ROI with Profit Accumulator 12 months

If you opted for our annual Platinum membership, which is only £180/year, you would be up £820 overall and would have made an ROI of 456%!


An entire year to make your first £1000 in cash profit Matched Betting is very much the 'worst case scenario'. None of the 175 members surveyed from the £1K Profit Club took longer than 7 months.

Making a return on your investment of at least 233% for such little effort per week (and not even every week) is truly a no brainer.

The 'Average' Case Scenario

Nearly 75% of the members surveyed from the £1K Profit Club took between 11 days and 3 months to make their first £1,000 profit.

If we consider that the vast majority of our members hit their first £1000 in profit during their first 3 months with us, and assume these members were on our monthly Platinum plan, that's a return on investment (ROI) of 1234% for them!


This is a crazy ROI for being sat on your sofa a couple of hours a week doing something that the vast majority of our members also actually find FUN to do too.

Don't forget as well - this ROI is only based on these members' first £1000 in profit too. They tend to make far, far more after this first grand in profit as well. Many regularly make anything from £300 to over a £1000 EACH MONTH. 

That's why we have £3K, £5K, £10K and higher (£100K+) Profit Clubs in our community forum - as these are actual amounts our members end up making with their Matched Betting.

Make your first £1000 free?!

At Profit Accumulator we are so confident in our services and how much money we can help you make with Matched Betting - even if you have very little time - that we actually offer all new customers a 30-day money-back guarantee on our services from the date of your first ever payment. (Full Refund Policy is available here).

20 of the 175 members surveyed made their first £1000 in profit within their first month with us. Technically, they could have ended their membership, requested a refund and walked away with £1000 extra in their back pocket then and there. They then would have made that £1000 for free.

None of them did this though.


As why on earth would they stop doing something that's making them such brilliant money online easily, completely in their spare time, and for such a good price?!

You'd be crazy to stop at your very first £1000 profit when there's so, so much more to be made.

Absolutely crazy.

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