How long does matched betting take? Making £300 a month part-time

One of the most common questions people interested in Profit Accumulator ask is "how long does matched betting take?".

Understandably, many potential members want to know how much time they will need to spare to make a decent amount of profit each month.

It might not surprise you to learn that the more time you can put into it, the more profit you will make. Some of our members are full-time matched bettors and earn the equivalent of a full-time salary as a result.

But, obviously, that's not for everyone. Most members aim to top up their income each month, and that's why matched betting appeals to them - because it can be done with just a few hours a week to fit around other commitments, such as work, family life and hobbies.

Our team of matched betting experts help out with the £300-a-month forum thread. This is very similar to the £1,000-a-month thread, but instead includes fewer offers that take less time.

Members who follow these offers each day can expect to make £300 in guaranteed profit.

So, how long does matched betting take?

PA member David discussed how much time he spends on matched betting

He said: "It depends on work and family, really. At the beginning I spent loads of time on it, learning the ropes and picking up tips and tricks from others.

"Nowadays, I pick and choose, I don’t feel the need to do every offer. If I do a Saturday horse racing it will be four or five hours, then just bits and bobs through the week."

PA member Mio said: My advice to anyone who is thinking about matched betting: JDI – Just Do It! If you do the opening two offers you can easily make between £30-£45 - more than enough to cover your first month’s membership.

Many matched bettors talk about making £1,000 each month. I would suggest to not have any targets; instead just be happy with anything you make over and above your PA membership fee.

Don’t look at £300 for the month and think "that’s not much", instead look at £3,600 for the year and ask yourself would you turn that down if someone offered it to you.