How to refer a friend to Profit Accumulator

Many of our members like to spread the word about matched betting by telling their friends and family about our service.

With Profit Accumulator's Refer-a-Friend programme, members will be rewarded for doing just that.

Recommending us to a friend is simple - there are no forms to fill in or extra log-in details needed.

Existing Platinum members need to

  • Grab your unique code from the 'Refer-a-Friend' tab in the 'my account' section of the site.
  • Enter the details of the PayPal account where you want to receive your referral bonus.
  • Pass this code on to a friend to use when they sign-up (you can email, share on social media - or just tell them).
  • They will need to enter the code on the registration page when registering for the free trial or full Platinum membership.
  • When your friend becomes a Platinum member for at least 31 days, you will get £10 paid into a PayPal account of your choice.

Refer a Friend FAQs

Why are we doing it?

Many of our members have joined after being recommended by a friend, so this is a way to reward and incentivise existing members to spread the word.

Isn’t there already an affiliate programme?

Yes there is. The Refer-a-Friend programme is, hopefully, a little bit simpler and more suited to individuals who want to tell their friends and family about us.

Can I be an affiliate and refer my friends as well?

Yes but the two programmes are separate. Members who join using your referral code will not count as affiliate sign-ups.

How do I refer my friends?

New members can can start referring friends as soon as you like but you must be a member for at least 31 days to receive your payment.

Login to PA and go to your account section and go to the ‘refer-a-friend’ tab. From here you can find your referral code, which is the code you need to share to your friends and family.

In the account section you’ll be able to see; how many times your code has been used, who you were referred by (if applicable), update your PayPal email address so we know how to pay you, how many people then went on to use the code (+ how many of them are on the free trial or the full membership), how much you have earned to date, the amount of any pending payments and also the date as to when they will get paid.

How long until I get paid?

31 days after the referred customer has made their first subscription payment. Check your account to see an update of how long it will be until you get paid.

How do I get paid?

We will only make a payment to a PayPal account. Please specify your PayPal email in your account section to provide us with info for payment. If you do not specify an email at this point, we will not be able to pay you. You must have an active Platinum account at the point of referral and for the 31 days after that in order to qualify for payment. If you cancel your account during that time, you will not get paid (even if you cancel and the re-subscribe)

How much do I get paid?

We will pay £10 for each referral, and then a bonus of £25 for every fifth referral. So the total for referring five people would be £75, if it was 10 it would be £150.

Do you pay more for yearly purchases?

Not at this point.

Can I refer more than 5 people?

Yes - and you will receive a £25 bonus for every five referrals.

What do I do if my friend signed up and didn’t appear in my account page?

Contact customer services. We have a log of all activity so will be able to see what happened. If it was a mistake with the system we will honour the payment. We reserve the right to remove/stop payments at any time.

Can I be back paid for the friends I’ve already referred?

No, only referrals using your code from today will count.

Full terms and conditions can be found here