Is Matched Betting Legal and Safe?

One of the most common questions we have, and the biggest concern facing prospective new members, is

“Matched betting sounds too good to be true, it has to be dodgy in some way?”

This is perfectly understandable as, on the face of it, anything that you can make tax free cash from, quickly and with no fuss, does sound like one of those dodgy pyramid schemes that get bandied around all the time. Furthermore, I am pleased to say, regardless of what people may think, it´s 100% legal and 100% safe. The bookies may not like it, and by this, I mean they hate it, but that does not mean that you are breaking any laws when it comes to making money from the free bet bonuses being offered out!

There are of course many other ways that you can make money online. One of which is CFD Trading and you can find more about CFD trading with City Index here. Profit Accumulator however does not endorse day trading – we urge you to try matched betting instead. It's much less risky.

Why Bookies Dislike Matched Betting

Bookies do not like matched bettors, quite simply, because they do not make the same money/profit margin from us compared to ordinary punters! The aim of your day to day bettor is to bet to win, matched bettors bet to trigger free bets or bonuses. We do this by covering all the outcomes and then extract profit from the free bets gifted to us - and the bookies don’t like this!

“What if the bookie finds out I am matched betting?”

Well, as discussed, you are not doing anything illegal so you will not end up in court or prison! You may well, though, find that your bookie account has been restricted in some way. Either that you are no longer eligible for promotions, your maximum betting stake has been reduced or, in most cases, both of these have been implemented. Not great, but also, not the end of the world as we have hundreds of offers available on the site.

“OK so, Matched Betting is legal but Profit Accumulator is a scam?”

No, we are not a scam and we are not a get rich quick scheme.

We provide a service that helps our members (100,000 + since 2014) find matched bet selections quickly and easily. We show you how, step by step, to do the offers through detailed instructions and video guides. Our offers team, made up of matched betting experts, check through every offer that we post to validate it. The team do every offer themselves, before posting, to make sure that the offer is legit. Profit Accumulator only posts offers from bookmakers who have a UK license so that, if there are ever any issues, you can use the UK gambling authorities to assist you. And, whilst you will make sustainable extra cash each month, you will not become a millionaire overnight! You will make a good earning, some members make hundreds, some make thousands, but it is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. To add further credibility, matched betting was featured in the Guardian here.

Protecting You And Your Identity

We offer a 2 factor authentication log in process for our own site to protect your privacy. There are also video guides on how to setup 2 factor authentication for Smarkets and Betfair betting exchanges. These show you how to “beef up” security in your exchange, which is where most of your matched betting money will be sitting. Setting these up greatly increase your online security and safety.

Interested In Getting Involved?

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