Profit Accumulator members often use the forum to post messages of support and encouragement to help motivate fellow matched bettors.

We've had our fair share of inspiring successes stories and none more so than Jake's.

PA member Jake

PA member Jake

The 25-year-old started matched betting seven months ago after being forced to drop out of medical school. His studies were paid for by an Army bursary but a heart condition meant he had to leave the Forces and he could not afford pay his own fees.

After saving his matched betting profits, he contacted the university, proved he could pay his way and recently received the great news that he will be able to resume his studies in September.

Jake, who, somewhat fittingly, is from Cheltenham, posted: "I would never have been able to raise the funds so quickly without PA, so a massive thanks to everyone on here who has helped me achieve my dream."

Jake took the time to share more of his matched betting journey.

Could you add some more details to what you wrote on the forum?

I'll be going into my third year of a five-year course at Birmingham medical school next year. I previously had a bursary from the Army to fund my education, as I have a previous degree so I was unable to get another student loan from the Government.

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However, I became ill and was therefore ineligible to continue in the Army and, therefore, my bursary was revoked. This meant I had to drop out as I could not afford to pay the £9,250 per year tuition fees myself. I thought my dream of becoming a doctor was shattered until I discovered matched betting.

How did you hear about matched betting?

I read about matched betting in the Telegraph a few years ago but thought it was a scam and too good to be true, so I didn't learn anymore about it until my bursary was revoked. I then remembered it again and, after researching it, I thought I'd give it a shot to try and make a bit of money while I was looking for a normal job to hopefully build up some savings to try to pay for uni. I quickly found that I was earning more via matched betting than I would in a traditional job so kept at it full-time.

What was your starting bankroll?

Luckily, I had a bit of savings so I started with a bankroll of £2,000. Although, you can certainly start with much less, I was able to dive straight in and do multiple offers at a time, which led to my bank building rapidly.

Which types of offers do you do?

I do all the offers that Profit Accumulator post, even the price boosts that may only make £1 a time, doing a few of these a day really adds up over the month. As I've been doing this full-time, I do the horse racing offers during the day and then any sporting events - e.g. rugby, football, darts in the evenings. There's always enough to keep me busy.

I started with low-value offers such as bet £10 and get a £5 free bet. Now, as my bank is large, I have progressed into the offers where you can bet a few hundred and get a £100 free bet.

Do you think you will have time to keep up the matched betting?

Yes, certainly. There are lots of offers that only take a few minutes to complete. When back at uni, even if I only get 15 or 30 minutes spare in the evening I can quickly pop a few bets on and then check the next evening to see how they got on.

Matched betting is great in that you can spend all day on it if you have the time but if not you can select the quick offers and work through them when you get time.

What would your advice be to other matched bettors?

I'd recommend everyone at least gives it a try. Although it may be daunting in the beginning, it's actually really simple and you may even enjoy it, especially when you see it actually works! No matter what your starting bank size there's always offers for you to do and your bank will quickly grow and then you can tackle more offers.

Do all the offers you can. Even the small ones make a big difference to your monthly profit. Challenge yourself to learn new offers so you can continue to make more each month and if you have any questions theres a great community on the forum who are always happy to help. And, above all, enjoy your profits.

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