Liverpool win, make money! Real Madrid win, make money! They draw, make money! Matched Betting – it’s that simple.

The UEFA Champions League final is fast approaching (Saturday, 28th May 2022) and we are in for a treat with a huge game between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

In this guide, we're going to show you how you could bag yourself £12 cash - no matter if Liverpool win, lose or draw the game!

That’s right...

If Liverpool win = £12 profit.

If Real Madrid win = £12 profit.

If they draw = £12 profit.

Welcome to Matched Betting - where we don’t lose - only profit! (As long as you follow our guides).

Step 1 - Start Your Free Trial

Profit Accumulator offers a completely free Matched Betting trial. There are no credit card details required. Just enter your email address, set a username and password and that’s it! 

Once you’ve activated your free Matched Betting trial, it’s time to check out our Matched Betting tutorials. These explain everything that you should know to start making money from Matched Betting, even if you’ve never placed a bet before. 

Step 2 - Sign Up To Coral

Coral, one of the online bookmakers, has a sign up offer to attract new customers. They are offering £20 in free bets if you sign up and place a £5 bet with them (at odds of 1.5 or greater). 

Free bets = profits for you through Matched Betting.

Many bookmakers provide ‘enhanced’ signup offers during major sporting events. This is why starting Matched Betting during an event like the Champions League final is a savvy move. You can make more profit now than you would starting at other times.

Once you're ready to do your first Matched Betting offer, register an account with Coral.  Then deposit £5 into your Coral account using a debit card.

Step 3 - Unlock The Free Bet By Doing a Qualifying Bet

You need to bet £5 at Coral (at odds over 1.5) before they give you the £20 in free bets. You do not want to risk £5 of your own money to get these free bets though. So, how can you avoid this risk?

You do this by placing a 'matched bet'. By placing a bet on another website, called Smarkets, which is on the exact opposite outcome, you can cover all possible results.  

You can find a suitable £5 bet using our Oddsmatching Tool (available here as part of the free trial). 

When you open the Oddsmatcher, select “Coral Qualifying Bet” in the dropdown filter. 

The Oddsmatcher has found a suitable bet on the Liverpool v Real Madrid game. The tool is recommending you do a £5 bet on “Liverpool to win” at Coral at odds of 2.05. 

What do you need to bet on at Smarkets

Well, you need to bet on the exact opposite bet - “Liverpool NOT to win”. (This is the equivalent of Liverpool losing OR drawing the game). This exact opposite bet is called a Lay Bet. 

How much do you need to bet on this lay bet at Smarkets? To find this out, click the little calculator icon on your selected bet on the Oddsmatcher:


Our Matched Betting Calculator then appears and shows you what stake amount you should use for your lay bet at Smarkets. This amount is known as our lay stake.

The calculator tells us we will need to use a lay stake of £4.75 on “Liverpool NOT to win” at Smarkets

Now all we need to do is place BOTH our bets.

If  you follow our guides, you will see we always place two bets in Matched Betting. One at the bookmaker, then one immediately after this at a betting exchange. The betting exchange bet is always on the exact opposite outcome we bet on at the bookmaker. This is how we cover all outcomes of an event so that we can’t lose and only profit.

The first is a £5 bet at odds of 2.05 on Liverpool to win at Coral.

The second is a £4.75 lay bet at lay odds of 2.16 on Liverpool NOT to win at Smarkets.

As soon as we place these bets our situation will be the following:

If Liverpool win - 26p loss 

If Real Madrid win - 25p loss.

If they draw - 25p loss.

No matter what happens in the Liverpool vs Real Madrid match, we would be down a maximum of 26p. 

Instead of risking £5 to unlock £20 in free bets from Coral, we have instead opted to take a predetermined small loss of 26p to unlock them.

Step 4 - Use The Free Bets To Make A Profit

You are going to do everything you did above but this time you are going to use your £20 in free bets at Coral - rather than your own cash.

(Coral typically credit their free bets instantly. Occasionally bookmakers may not credit you with your free bets automatically. This is quite rare but if this does happen, the best thing to do is to contact them directly to explain that you have not received your free bets. It is important not to mention Matched Betting, just ask them casually as if you were a regular punter. They will typically then issue you with the free bets straight away or explain why you didn't qualify).

Again, you can start this step by first finding a suitable bet with our Oddsmatching Tool. Be sure to select “Coral Free Bet” in the dropdown filter. (Again - this brilliant tool is available via our free trial).


The Oddsmatching Tool has found a suitable bet for you to use on the Roma vs Feyenoord game. The tool is recommending you use your £20 free bets on the “Draw” at Coral at odds of 3.20. 

What do you need to bet on at Smarkets? Well, you need to bet on the exact opposite bet - “the game NOT to be a draw”. 

Again we click the calculator icon next to our chosen bet to open the Matched Betting Calculator. 

The calculator tells us we will need to use a lay stake of £12.57 on “the game NOT to be a draw” at Smarkets.

Now, all we need to do is place BOTH our bets. The first is a £20 free bet at odds of 3.20 on the Roma vs Feyenoord game to be a draw at Coral.

Note: Coral may credit you with 4 x £5 free bets instead of one single £20 free bet. But, all 4 free bets can be used on the same selection. 

The second is a £12.57 lay bet at lay odds of 3.50 on the same game NOT to be a draw at Smarkets.

As soon as we place these bets our situation will be the following:

If Roma win - £12.57 profit.

If Feyenoord win - £12.57 profit.

If they draw - £12.58 profit.

No matter what happens in the Roma vs Feyenoord game we make a profit of at least £12.57.

Take off our initial 26p loss from our first bet…

That’s just over £12 profit in our back pocket.

Thank you Matched Betting!

Start Profiting From Matched Betting

The Coral sign up offer is just the first of loads of free bet offers that are available! 

If you haven't already, signup to our free trial here. Follow the guides and before you know it you’ll be making some fantastic profits. 

The exact bets available to you may differ from those available at the time of writing this article - but the process is always the same. 

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Alternatively, upgrade to our Platinum Membership here. You can easily make the cost of your membership back within an hour or so once you get the hang of things. Talk about value for money!

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Got Questions About Matched Betting?

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